Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scenes from the 2011 RFL Track

I took dozens of pictures of the Relay Track this year, too many for the main article. So here are some of the others.

Two tinies at the opening ceremonies.

Meeting up with others of the Passionate Redheads team, Nydia Tungsten (as bunnygirl), Lomgren Smalls, and Treminari Huet.

And after the opening ceremonies, we headed back to our camp.

And here's Rita, the Sunweaver Chieftess, and a major player in the Redheads. Earlier this summer, Rita raised 79,000L in a "Bid me Human" event. Originally having to serve over two months, Daaneth and Sabine let her off the hook, for which she was feeling very charitable and generous.

RABID PURPLE BUNNY IS BACK! - Redheads! RITA IS BACK!!!!!! I have been PARDONED! Daan and Sabine have removed weight upon my shoulders, that was keeping me a HUMAN! HAIRLESS APE! So to those of you who paid to make me human, I am BACK! Remember REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD! (Laughing Out Loud!) We raised a lot of Lindens off my pelt, something like $76,000L. So it was worth it.

Or maybe, our rents are going up.

The deer were so tame, you could walk up to them.

In memory of Dusk Griswold's mother.

There was a balloon to ride over the camp

During the Survivors lap, the teack was quite crowded.

Dusk and Skylark cheer on the survivors and caregivers

An old friend of Second Life Newser, Breezes Babi. Behind her, Fuzzball Ortega can be seen walking down the track in his big hair.

And here's Bree's real-life daughter Glitter Xentalt

Our neighbors across the track.

Getting on the track ourselves, we made a few stops at stations to pick up things.

Sims being closed to more relayers were a fairly common sight with all the lag

And on occasion, I would find myself alone, or almost alone.

One of the Autumn regions in the southeast

Oops, I crashed.

Logging back on, found myself next to the rest stop sponsored in Artistic Fimicloud's memory, in the northwest.

Did someone get through "The Great Firewall of China?"

The snowglobe

One of the "breedables" pet areas having a party

The "Kittycats" exhibit
The Amaretto barn

The "I Can't Believe I'm Wearing This" lap

Going through Bryn Oh's "Mayfly" exhibit

The "Tornado of Life"

Partying it up with DJ Dusk (Dusk took the pic)
More to come


  1. Has anyone ever tried to put on a pair of Icarus white angel wings and fly over the walk course? That sounds like something I might want to try.

  2. Durring the Fantasy Lap, I flew around as a bat, so can't see why not. But I only did so when I thought the time was right.