Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seasons of the Witch

Recently I traveled to the Witches Forest to view an art exhibit called Seasons of the Witch. The pieces promised to "explore the soul and spiritual side of life, whether it be 'real life' or 'second life'." The sim is dedicated to the ancient art of Wicca, or "white magic."

Arriving at the TP point, I encountered a dimly lit gallery lined with various art work. In the center was a pavilion of sorts with a bright white cone of light shining straight up. Taking time to rez, I slowly made my way through the exhibit. In the pavilion was a poster depicting the Wiccan pentacle. This explains the various elements of the "religion." These five elements are invoked during many magical rituals, notably when consecrating a magic circle. The five elements are Air, Fire, Water and Earth, plus Aether (or Spirit), which unites the other four elements.

Most of the art spoke to the deeper, inner meanings of life. Most all featured moving imagery with printed inspirational words which we all can live by, whether Wiccan or not.

Following the path, I found a quite magical place filled with beauty and nature. I followed the signs for the Witches Fountain which led me to a sparkling fountain in the midst of a shopping area with kiosks lining the pathway. This is the most commercial aspect of the sim I quickly discovered.

Continuing in my journey through this strange and mystical place, I began following signs for the Witches Mountain. Along the way, I encountered many beautiful sights filled with spectacular color. The path seemed endless but I trudged onward. I finally arrived at a large volcanic void which seemed to be above the entire gallery and kiosks. The view was amazing and nearby was a mountain lake with a lone duck swimming in it.

As I have always been drawn to the idea of Wicca, this was time well spent. I'm sure all will enjoy the meaningful art and amazing, colorful landscape.

Shellie Sands

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