Monday, August 8, 2011

Riding the Rails - the Second Life RailRoad

How many of you have taken the SL railroad ride? I knew there was a railway but have never understood the length of the ride on Heterocera Atoll continent. I was amazed to find that the rail route covers 80 regions in Second Life with offshoots from the main line.

The railway has been around since 2005. The complete history of the railway is deliniated in the wiki if you would like to read about it all. I found it interesting that the railway began as a means of transport when there were no direct teleports.

I went to the Tuliptree Station and picked up a free engine and set out on my adventure. What fun. At some stations you can rezz your own engine near the track, and it will find the track by itself. Then you become the engineer and take off to ride the tracks as far as you want. Blow the whistle! Ring the bell!! Speed up the train!

As you ride along you will pass many places to stop and visit if you like. As it meanders hrough the sims, you will see some lovely venues: fields of wheat, horse farms, skyboxes, industrial areas, so, so many scenes. I stopped off at some of the sites, art galleries, shops, and Stations. I read somewhere that the station designs were a result of a building contest.

At Hobo Station I ran into a friend, Douglas Runningbear, who hosts fishing contests. He has lived at Hobo infohub "forever" he said, and he sees trains passing and told me there was a museum nearby. I tried to locate it but could not, so plan to go back to search again when I have time. However. I did find a delightful Steam Train museum in …..another sim ,with information about the history of the early steam engines, some small models and some large steam belching engines.

At the Bhaga Station I found a marvelous building housing the S&O Bessemer Steel Company with a nearby round house of trains switching rails. The place is amazing with cargo being unloaded and put into containers for transport by truck. There is a ferry ride back to Tuliptree, but I did not catch it. It is an amazing tour. I cannot tell you all that I saw. It would take a book! If you are an adventurer, I think you should take this trip, perhaps a little at a time.

You can pick up the landmarks of the SLRR at Tuliptree, where you will find the headquarters of the Railway Consortium, your first stop.The Virtual Railway Consortium is a non profit SL railway related group of train enthusiasts who work closely with the Linden Lab on the Second Life railways. Their website explains their vision in Second Life: If you have a sim and wish to have a railroad on it you can find guidance for building your own on this website too. It is here at Tuliptree that you will find the information and also your free engine.

No, I have not completed the ride. It will take me more time. I thought I should write the story before I finished or it will be weeks before it gets to the paper.

Well, if you are looking for a long term project, keep it in mind. You can do a little each week and sometime in the future you will have traversed the whole continent! Then you can move on to the GLSR on the Continent of Sansera and to the ONSR, where you will need winter clothes! Bring skis too! First try SLRR beginning here.

See you on the tracks! Tuliptree (152, 155, 31)

Gemma Cleanslate


  1. We are glad to see you enjoyed the Second Life Railroad as much as we do.

  2. Thanks for telling it like it is Gemma. The Atoll is a great place to ride the rails.
    I created another version of the free engine, its 'the steam loco as an art form', not just as a form of transport; Monet painted steam trains too. Lots more fire, smoke and steam :D
    You can get it as a free gift here
    or teleport there with the pick in my profile - The Male Art Centre
    SkyBlue Earthboy