Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pure Land: Exploring Buddhism

There are so many lovely, quiet places in Second Life where one can go for contemplation, either religious or meditative. I have written about some of them. A friend passed on a land mark to Pure Land Buddhist Practice in Takeuti.

It is very easy to see that the owner has arranged a place where one is able to move around to all the individual shrines in a peaceful setting. As you explore there is a mandala where you can sit and sip from a choice of drinks while you read the notecards and learn about the practices of Buddhism in this sim.

You are invited to join the group which in its mission statement says, “If you join us, the only thing we ask is that you are a respectful seeker. We are open to, and welcome everybody. Current beliefs or lifestyle do not matter. What matters is the practice. What we practice, and what we teach – through that practice – is the Dharma as taught by the Buddha. Truth is One, the sages speak of it by many names. Anybody can discover that One Truth. All of us have different experiences, all of us can contribute.“

You are invited to visit the various shrines and you will find a teleport board with all of them listed there. One TP you must take is to the Space Egg where you may float in meditation or try Reiki. The principles or Reiki are listed on the board. There are many thought provoking elements to be found in the Egg. You will also find a tarot reading area in the Space Egg. It is a sublimely quiet place to spend some time.

When you TP back to the Information Center you will see a schedule of all the Buddhist Meditations that are available in Second Life with the days and times and will be able to pick up the landmarks for each of them. The information Center is here: .

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