Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reader Submitted: Blue Hole

By Fritter Enzyme

In my wanders through our virtual world I look for places that are stimulating, fun, exciting and inclusive.  Inclusive because I am furry.  It is nice when a club mentions that all are welcome in a notecard. Or even a sign out in front of the club (E.G., Phat Cats Jazz Club).  But it is good enough, sometimes, if I just don’t get kicked out.  I seek these places and let other know where they can go.  Nothing is guaranteed, of course, if not stated in the club rules.  Certain host will react different than other will.  I have been kicked out of clubs that demand human avatars, but allow fairies, with wings and all.  I do refuse to leave and end up banned.  I do not recommend this action, it is my choice, as I feel it is discrimination.  Think of how real life would be, right now, if certain groups were “kept in their place.”  Not going where you are not wanted makes sense to some, but not to me.  So I search and I explore, and I report on what I find.

In a recent outing I came upon furry scuba equipment.   The place is called The Blue Hole.  It is a virtual Blue Hole like the one that exists in Belize.  Not totally accurate, but very nice to play in.  And they sell the furry scuba outfit with the others so furs are welcome there.  The land has the usually trimmings, beaches, beach houses, a club for events, a light house, plenty to explore.  And of course, a store with the scuba supplies.  And the water, many places to float and hangout as well as the Blue Hole.  Not a vertical walled tube as the real one is, but enjoyable to spend time in.  Great for photography, deep enough to make the equipment fun to use as well.  It is very colorful, stocked with different life at varying levels to add to the realism and fun.  This is a place I will be returning to, and bringing friends of all kinds.  I know they will enjoy it, and I know they will be welcomed to stay.

The scuba equipment comes in two packages, for furries, a basic one at 590L and a premium at 790L.  Not that big of a price difference so I went with the premium setup.  For humans, 420L for the basic and you add on what you want after that purchase.  Sea plants, and ship wrecks for sale too.  Come see the Blue Hole, a place worth spending some time at:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BLUE%20HOLE/183/213/51

Thanks for looking,
Fritter Enzyme

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