Friday, September 12, 2014

Reader Submitted: The Koto Project

By Fritter Enzyme

The Koto Project is one of the most beautiful sims you can find.  Japanese ones are known for their detail and quality.  This is one that takes out the overkill and makes a place that is superb, in the plants, and the open spaces.   The trees here are like something out of a Japanese painting.  Half the sim is a walled city, the other is a wooded park.   

 It is a RP community, but the website states it is a human community.  Yet I have spoken with the owner, in the fur, and have not been asked to leave.  I have been there many times and had furry friends along to see it.  I can’t apply to be a character in the RP group, but I still seem welcome to enjoy the environment they have created.

The walled city is Edo era, and things sold there fit that theme.  A horse and buggy await at the gate to take you for a ride through the city and back out again.  The woods outside the wall are worth spending time mulling throughout for the views and hangouts.  The sim surround is wonderful; the water front has a boat with reflections that lends itself to photography with ease.  In the city you will find shops, temples, tea houses, restaurants, a bath house, a Zen garden, and if you join the RP group, even a Geisha house. 

They also have many rental homes of different sizes.  There is an animated work area with props are in the back of the residents homes.  Pick apples, chop wood, or feed the chickens.  And a meditation stand at the waterfall makes for a nice resting place for the whole Zen experience.  Some shops have yet to open.  Click on the food in the restaurant and sit to eat while you play a game on the wall.  Put on your kimono and get in the spirit of Koto!  If you don’t have one, some of the best I have seen are sold there.  Koto Project.  A surprisingly sweet place to be.

Fritter Enzyme

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