Monday, September 29, 2014

The Scoutlounge Beach Club

By Wesley Regenbogen

ScoutLounge is a Second Life beach club that was showcased by Linden Labs in May 2008 in the category “Music” in the Destination Guide. Before that in February 2007, Lexx Runo founded “MEC Trendscouts” to develop the possibilities in virtual worlds like Second Life.
In September 2011 the Second Life club reopened and introduced their weekly TV broadcast at USTREAM.TV. In December 2012 they redesigned their website, which can be found at .
The music that is played in the club and also live stream on their website is : house music, but other music as well. In the past DJs were tied to their DJ booth at the club they were playing. Nowadays, Second Life offers new possibilities. DJs nowadays can get “live” in contact with their fans in the Second Life environment. 50 DJs from around the world play LIVE DJ SETS to please a huge community of music lovers.
The club is nicely decorated and if your avatar is tired of dancing, just take a seat in the club’s lounge seats and relax for a while, while enjoying the music further, of course.
One of the benefits of this club is that you can listen to the live stream on the web too at So when you leave the club in Second Life, you can tune into the website and listen further online. You can watch the live broadcast through one of their partners Digital Broadcast Channel (DBC).
There is a group in Second Life called “ScoutLounge” where you can be held up-to-date about events and live DJ sets and much more. It’s free to join this group, so I suggest you can do it to keep up-to-date for events. They also have a presence at different social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr.
If you want to know what’s happening, you can login into Second Life every Thursday night and visit the club in-world.
In my personal opinion, this is one of the best clubs in Second Life, aside the other ones that I reviewed a long while ago. It’s nice to see that the radiostation merged real life and virtual life in one place, either the website or the club in-world.
So, it’s one of the largest music community out there.
Check it out in Second Life !
You can find the place at this location in Second Life :

Wesley Regenbogen

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