Thursday, October 2, 2014

Xoph: A Shop of the Bizarre and Macabre

by Fritter Enzyme

Xoph is not your typical jewelry store in Second Life.  The skulls, upside down crosses and pentagrams give that away very quickly.  The real fun begins once you find the hidden passages that take you to many new places filled with the Halloween type fun.  Not just for Halloween, I would think this is the norm for this place.

Tentacles seem to be the supreme nuisance here, a box of free ones are in the store. You can buy tentacle tails, tongues, spine attachments, and more.  Many things attack you with them.  Want exploding sheep or doves, this is the place.  Snow machines too, with flakes, skulls, pentagrams, and, the best, paw prints.  There are different ways to find the hidden areas, but you will succeed in finding them yourselves.

Go out the door of the main store and try the Princess pose balls, including Heroin Princess and Crack Princess.  Then out on the strangest of balconies where you will have fun with the props there.  The bizarre and macabre await you in statues, pose balls and traps everywhere you venture.  This is not like typical Second Life haunted houses, this does not try to pull that off and fail, as most of them do.  It is fun, silly and an adventure to go through.  There are tubes to fall through, walls to walk through, dropping you to new places to see.

Many of the devices are for sale, save the LL banned George Bush Tentacle Interrogator, my favorite.  When you think you have seen it all, you probably haven’t.  Click on things and see what they do.  Shoot containers of toxic waste with prim babies as ammunition.  A unique twisted treat for the mind and senses, like you have never seen before.  Pick up some of the fun to take home back at the main store.

Have a happy Second Life Halloween and skip the usual, go see Xoph.

Fritter Enzyme 

Editors Note:  At the entrance, there's a pigeon that explodes when touched, and a sign that lists just one rule, "there are no other rules." The sim is rated "Mature" and not "Adult," but do you really want to trust those tentacles?

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