Thursday, October 23, 2014

The International Space Museum

By Wesley Regenbogen

Spaceflight in real life has been a thing where many people have been wondering about and are interested in it. So am I. So I found this place in Second Life called the “International Spaceflight Museum.” It was created in September 2005, according to their Facebook page, and they provide full-scale models of spacecraft of 12 different countries, not just from America and the Russians. You can compare a 360-meter tall Saturn V Moon rocket with the Mercury-Atlas, which is sitting next to each other.
You can also ride on a rocket and orbit the Earth and walk the platforms around it. When you walk around on the platform you will see the other planets and just right-click them and then just select “Teleport” and you will be teleported to the planet in question. When you go to the planet Mars, you can even teleport to the ( virtual ) Mars surface and look around there, it’s a small area, but you can walk and see the rovers and get more information about them.

This museum isn't sponsored by NASA or the U.S. government, but cared for by volunteers. It’s operated by the ISMuseum, a Texas non-profit corporation.Any donations you give will help keep it running.

They also have a Wiki page available with more information about the place itself : I didn't see future events listed on the wiki, although there was the Space Week recently. The nearby Spinthrift sim hosts music performances every Sunday at 8PM, and the National Space Society holds weekly meetings every Monday at 3PM at their sim.
In my personal opinion, I think this is the best space museum in Second Life. It’s really amazing that you can really fly with a rocket into space here. It’s also quite amazing that they actually recreated it all so realistically. There are a lot of things to see, too many to list here. I suggest you check them out when you visit the place yourself.

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You can find the location in Second Life at :

Wesley Regenbogen

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