Monday, October 20, 2014

Aero Pines Harvest Festival and Halloween Trail

From Gemma Cleanslate

Found another great Halloween place to visit ! It is also in one of my favorite set of sims and will be another place to wander following the Halloween Trails. It is in the Aero Pines Park and is great fun. The annual Harvest Festival and Halloween Trails is going on with loads of games to enjoy and right next to it a wonderful Haunted House. 

”Welcome To Morgan Mansion ! When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers,‘tis near Halloween. Gemma Cleanslate” was the greeting to me offered by Julianna, one of the Morgan chilren as I neared the mansion.  Not only can you wander through the house but you are invited to log in as a character in the family and become a part of the home. Outside the home are some fun rides and games to enjoy. Hop on the Carousel or the Sky Swatter or get dizzy on the Spider Ride. Whack a Mole , Zombie Meltdown and Ghost Busters are just a few of the games at the fair. I stopped in the Greifer Processing Center and disobeyed the rules not to touch anyone which is definitely scary. 

The trail begins nearby and will take you to various sites . The first I visited was the Witches Camp and made some potions while there .At the Spider Grove I nearly became spider food as the webs entangled me . I passed a man-eating plant by the side of the road  rapidly after that experience. The ghosts in the Haunted Prison were not friendly either. The crowd at the Guillotine was after blood .Down the road it in a field it was fun to watch a shortened version of The Birds,  the Alfred Hitchcock film, while surrounded by screaming gulls and crows. My last stop was at the pumpkin patch where I wandered through the  Corn Maze bumping into the walls for a while. As usual the entire park is full of lovely foliage of  the season which makes the visit there more of a delight. I often go there to take a horse ride when I have time. Seasons change in this Park.

Take a bike or ride a horse along the roads littered with falling leaves seeking out the Halloween sites but enjoying the always lovely terrain. There are more games to play and sites to visit than I have mentioned so plan on visiting for a while. There is a cute jack-o-lantern ride you can rezz for your tour. Watch for it. Pick up the map and Landmarks here and in the folder you will find the special Halloween Trails notecard with landmarks for some scary places . All will remain until early November according to Cindy Bolero , the owner of the regions. 

Gemma Cleanslate

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