Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Shopping Markets

By Gemma Cleanslate

At this time of year it seems a bit early for Christmas however as we know from real life it is the time to get ready. Every place you go there is Christmas decor and gift suggestions. It makes us realize we had better get going! In sl there is are wonderful shopping opportunities from sim fillers to stocking stuffers. I picked out a few shopping venues where I thought you might like to visit . They are not only just for shopping, but for enjoying the sights and the builds . Meander around after you see the shops.

The first delightful market place is Christmas Fair at Harborview. At the landing place you are near the larger indoor stores. Lots of favorite creators have wares here. Kiosks with all kinds of Christmas delights fill the town squares, decor for the home, gifts , outfits for the season and more. Lovely Victorian ladies are shopping too. 
I found an ugly sweater I could not resist! I spied some lucky letters around the walkways. You can shop and also skate if you like. Great place for a photo with Santa!   
My next visit was to Mrs Santa Christmas Market, another charming venue in Kikai. Again large shops line the sidewalks with smaller kiosks and stalls still being filled with goodies. Merchants were working as I toured.  I found some nice personalize-able greeting cards in one shop that I loved. Here too you can shop and skate. Be sure to drop into the little chapel for a rest and a reminder of what the season is about.
http://maps.secondlife com/secondlife/Kikai/176/115/601
My third stop  was Christmas at the North Pole in Checkmate. If you are looking for new Christmas trees do not miss the selection in the tree area. What a selection of diverse trees! You will have to TP to sky lot so watch for the signs. On the main level  be sure you stop in the busy post office where I found Santa next to a huge pile of letter arriving by the second! Stores and outdoor shopping for all sorts of decor for your home inside or out is found here, including choo-choo trains, reindeer and a myriad of decor. I saw a whole forest of snow laden pines if you need that on your sim.
There are so many more places in Second Life to visit for Christmas decor. I am also looking at the wonderful skating and hanging out winter sports regions for your winter fun. I am starting with the markets so you can get your shopping done and then just go enjoy the sims . Some of them will disappear right after Christmas so I want to start with them. After that I will tell you about the ones where sports and skating and events going on before and after Christmas and you can enjoy the winter season in Second Life while through the first months of the new year. If you find anything new and interesting let me know! 
Gemma Cleanslate

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