Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Brighton

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been spending some of my free time at a region that I was introduced to about two months ago by a friend. I can’t imagine that I missed this lovely region all  this time . I found out it has been here for 10 years.New Brighton is fashioned after the Brighton Beach area in the UK. The Pier is there looking very familiar to those who have visited the town or have seen pictures .  The homes along the streets are charming and can be rented. 

There is a theater on the pier that I visited for a dance performance by a group called The New Brighton Belles. It was very entertaining as the dancers changed their  attire to fit the decor.The Belles made interesting entrances such as in a space ship.  The very dapper owner of the sim, Bernard Herzog,   joined them for one snappy dance number. I also visited a performance on the beach . A live singer, Mimi Carpenter gave a lovely performance. There are numerous events during the week and more in the planning. 

Lately I have been roaming the entire region looking for pumpkins that I am collecting to win a contest ( I came in second).  I feel as if I know every part of the sim intimately since the pumpkins reappear again in the same place after a while and I go look for them, collecting points.

There are so many places to have fun, especially if you join the group. I rezzed a little motor bike and whizzed around, trying not to crash or be hit by falling rocks on the road down from the top of the hill. There is swimming near the pier, you can find snorkling gear on the other stone pier. Down on the beach there is a hot-air balloon. Grab a hud and take off , but don’t drift too far! Or, you can sit and relax and enjoy the view of the pier from a distance. 
The food truck has many offerings , pizza, kebob, gyro, with a beer or a coke to wash it all down. There is a little sign that warns “Fast Food is Fattening.” Take a walk down the road way after that and visit the shops . There is a great game room with fun machines, a gallery with photos of activities  on the beach area. 
There are photos of the very lovely Tower of Peace that Bernard built for Yoko Ono’s sim back in 2008. Down near the end of the shops there is the i360 gallery. There you find a  display the real life sculpture works of the owner. Right now he told me he is working on a David  Bowie head.
  There is a lot to explore from one end of the island to the other . Go visit and see! Bring your camera.
Gemma Cleanslate

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