Monday, December 12, 2016

To the North Pole

By Gemma Cleanslate

I made a fun visit to to the North Pole, population, 2 humans, 56 elves and 8 reindeer.  You will know you are in the middle of an ice mountain at arrival. Follow the path that leads down and out. Enable sound to hear the song of the crystals and the crunch of snow as you make your way through the mountain, on the path that leads to the massive doors of the North Pole. Once inside  you find a lively group of elves around the Christmas tree .

Turning to the right I followed a path to Santa’s runway where he was testing the Reindeer readiness for his long trip. Inside the nearby barn more reindeer watched
, with envy I think.
Entering the doorway to the workshop where all the gifts are being prepared was almost overwhelming. It was full of boxes of all sizes and shapes ready to load into the sleigh when the time is right. Elves were scurrying around the area feverishly. Some elves in that workshop are using computers to check weather conditions and other information they can glean to help with distribution I guess.

I next entered Mrs. Claus’ bakery, also filled with elves preparing cookies , gingerbread houses , and other goodies. Yum. I was invited to visit the Elf dorm so I headed out to look for it

On the way I passed the Elementary school and stopped in to find it packed with more elves learning  how to be a Christmas elf, with “elfy ways”  while others had lunch. The next stop was at the local paper, The North Pole Times, very actively printing papers . It was a courtesy call to a fellow newspaper. The post office was so busy I could not get in.

.I stopped into Santa’s bedroom and did some jumping on the bed which is a trampoline! As I made my way out to the village square again I thought that my visit to the North Pole this year had been a great deal of fun. The Clauses have done a lot of redecorating this year and it was easier to move from place to place without getting lost. Outside the gates there is a crystal cave you might like to explore but be careful . Hidden way inside there is a monster waiting for you! 

On my way down the path, when I entered I glimpsed a sign that says “Believe" and by the time you leave you will. Have a wonderful visit.  (don’t try to double click tp)  Pick up the notecard guide at the entrance so you will not miss any of the sites.
Gemma Cleanslate

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