Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Comes to Aero Pines And Creations Park

By Gemma Cleanslate

One of my favorite regions to visit during the holidays. or actually at any time of year has always been Aero Park .... It has always been a wonderful place for horse back riding. The roads and hills are now covered snow and there is more falling all the time. The skating pond is roomy with skate balls for partners or singles. Of course you can skate on your own or buy some skates there and I did see a free skate box. The park ranger is around helping you find sites to visit by announcing the venues.  

The brochure will direct you to your favorite sport area. The hills are wonderful for skiing on brightly colored skis that you can pick up for free. I grabbed a saucer to try on the hills too. Down below there is a lovely horse and carriage ride to take along the roads. Just sit in the carriage and your own personal horse will arrive to wear. This year there is a lovely venue where you can have a group or family party.It is a lovely dining room with a dance floor in front of a crackling fireplace. It is behind Santa’s workshop. 

I stopped in there also and he has his elves over here too making toys . Lots of reindeer waiting around for their big night. Take a tour and enjoy the fun in the snow . This will drop you next to the skating pond infront of the Lodge. 

Another place you can depend on having one of the best skating experiences in Second Life all year long is Creations Park. Team Fox has a wonderful winter venue in the season decor that does not disappear after the holidays . It is always open for hanging out. Right now there are gifts in small shops around the lake. 

As you know the region is set up for donations to the Team Fox for Parkinson research. The group has numerous events in all of its venues going on during the year. You can get some very delightful skates there and the payment goes to Team Fox. Nearby you are able to rezz a snowmobile . I whizzed over to the lovely Church and stopped by for a moment to recall the reason for the season. Farther on along the edge of the lake I visited an igloo and warm up by the fire. 

There was a ski lift to the top of the mountain that I hopped on . At the top you have your choice of saucer , skis , or a wonderful sled you can rezz . I tried that! It was quite a ride down the slope and onto the ice and you can control the speed too. It is a wonderful site to visit with friends with so much room to zoom around the lake without accidents. Do not pass the geode that looms on the lake. It is filled with beautiful purple crystals. This will put you in the gazebo on the ice.
Gemma Cleanslate

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