Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rebel Yell Concerts And The Linden Chalet

By Gemma Cleanslate

You must know by now I have more than a few winter season regions ! I love the skating , skiing, sledding , horse back riding in the snow and other fun in these sims. Another favorite region where I like to hang out in this season is Rebel Yell Concerts. It is jam packed with beautiful scenery, activities, and venues to check out. I even found a pizza restaurant this year. At the pond there are couples and single skating balls that will make it easy for you to perform stunts while you skate. You can use your own of course if you prefer. 

  I had pizza and beer with a friend at the pizza restaurant. This is at the top of the mountain and to get there you take a ski tram up and get a wonderful view of the whole place. It is just glistening with ice and snow laden trees all the way down to the skating pond which is generous in size . I took the pink flame skis and went down hill quickly. I switched to cross country skiing at the bottom. 

 The lodge is a comfortable place to sit and warm up after skiing and skating . I wandered up to enjoy the comfort for a while and found that the reindeer had taken over.Then I backtracked up the hill to stop in at the toy workshop and the reindeer barn. The Magi were making their way by ... first time I have seen them leading their camels. Back at the skating pond I checked out the lovely gazebo  on the hill to look over the skaters passing by . Don’t miss this beautiful winter sim.

Later I visited the winter sims where you can find snow all year .Some of the highest peaks in sl are here for your skiing pleasure. Placed by Michael Linden I think with some help with decor from some other Lindens.

The Linden Chalet lies in between two of the longest delightful chairlift rides you can take anywhere in Second Life. One lift I  began in Voss and landed at the top of the mountain in Kamin passing over Bydalin. It is a long steep mountain on the way down also and I landed back by the skilift in Voss. Fortunately I was wearing my skiis from Rebel Yell so I switched over to cross country skiing and made my way back to the lodge for a warming up rest by the fire. There are still some pumpkins around and I hope they don’t freeze. This is a hub so you may meet some interesting people here according to my friend  who has a home nearby.    

Then it was time to go across the road into Wengen and tackle the other mountain riding up that long chairlift. The view is amazing if you put your drawline out to the limit. There are free skis at the top of the mountain and also a great sled ride you can do with friends. After you don the skis you have a choice of going down on your own or taking the ski ball ride which gives you a chance to look around as you go. This marvelous mountain area is here all year long so if you get get really hot during the summer keep an outfit out of your winter clothes and go over to the chalet area and get warmed up.  

Gemma Cleanslate

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