Monday, July 10, 2017

Palm Coast, Florida

By Gemma Cleanslate

It is fun watching a community being born. I went over to Flagler County for a fishing contest, and was talking with the host, ßυƅƅŀєȥ Łєɱơɲ (Bubbles Lemon). She explained that the sim was moving into a new era, and was under construction.

Welcome to Palm Coast, FL. We are a multi-sim family roleplay community. We offer a full line of community RP services that include Fire and Police Departments. We have Live Music Events and active RP'ers.” 

The next morning I took a tour.The building is going well. The town has eclectic collection of neighborhoods. There is a gated community, very upscale , that is typical of so many Florida towns. You can rent a typical home, a row house or a mansion within the borders.

The fire department, police department,school, and hospital are already posting for employees. I saw that there is a orphanage already open for adopting children at the town hall too. You can pick up an application at the stately  Town hall, right inside the door. I wandered into the local club, already for events, called LIVE.  They will be having live performers in that club. Other events will be planned , such as street parties.  

I passed the donut shop right next to the church. That is very convenient for Sunday mornings. The school is very well appointed and there is a lovely colorful fence around the play area. It has some fun games already in place for the kids. Good luck to the teachers!!

I hope no kid climbs that fence and goes swimming! There is a great bowling alley already in place nearby the school and I intend to go try it. Around the corner I found a lovely little coffee shop ready for business. This is in Shreveport region connected to Flagler County. I only found one gas station on both sims so keep your car gassed up. Cheap gas tho!! 

 There are four owners, Alpha Manx, Bubblez Lemon, GabbiSapphire Resident, and Johnny Sapphire. You can contact any one of them with questions if you are interested in joining the venture. Shops are waiting for vendors too. It you would like to take a look here is an entrance .  This is a venture in progress. I will let you know how it is going.

Gemma Cleanslate

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