Saturday, July 1, 2017

Two Giant Places. Happiness Giant Rooms and Simpsons Giant Kitchen

By Bixyl Shuftan

For longtime residents one of the classic sims many miss is the Greenies Home. Early in Second Life's history, a group called Rezzable created the place, and for a time had a number of spinnoff areas as well. But they soon began taking them down, and in June 2010 Rezzable announced Greenies Home itself was closing. Since then, there have been a few attempts at creating giant areas. Recently the Newser heard about two, at Happiness and Athen Shire.

The first I found out about in Nance Clowes "Fun Rides and Amusement Parks" group. Nance described the place in a group announcement, "Most long time veterans of amusements in SL fondly remember, and wont shut up about, a long ago place called Greenies. Well, there is a NEW place somewhat modeled on it, and its as close as any newer people are going to ever get to it. There is also a FULL amusement park nearby and a SECRET extra greenies area. "

Checking the place out, I found the cabinets could be opened, but what was revealed was just a flat picture rather than three-dimensional objects. But looking around, there was an open air vent I could duck into. There, I found rezzers for a couple vehicles. One was a mouse-powered cart that went about on the floor for a while. The other was a bug that when ridden would carry you up a pipe that most would not have noticed unless they looked up, and out through another air vent.

Checking around the large show, I found a couple portal doors. One led to a "toy room." Once more, there were drawers one could open. This time the objects were three dimensional. There was also a Lego brick fun ride one could rez a car, get on, and go on a short fun little roller coaster ride.

The Happiness Giant Rooms are at Happiness (115/84/1005).

The second is the creation of JanosX Resident of the Raglan tiny community. One can find a portal to it at ground level at Athen Shire (226/101/22). Going in, one finds themselves in what looks like a room with no exit aside from a portal back down to ground level. But clicking on the walls, eventually a door opens to outside. And stepping through, you see a giant cartoonish kitchen. Looking around, you see clues to whose it is. There's a drawing on the fridge by a "Lisa," the Microwave is from "Kwik-E-Mart," the beer on the table is from "Duff," and clicking on the phone, you hear someone call out, "D'oh!" It's a tribute to "The Simpsons."

Hamlet Au had a few words with JanosX, "It covers 2 of my parcels, and it's several maximum size meshes, some made in SL and meshed with a mesh generator, some with Blender... it's all optimized meshes to get the lowest land impact possible, [you] can make giant meshes with low land impact if you play good with the physics shape types." JanosX also did a video of the build.

Unfortunetely, Hamlet also reports the Simpsons Kitchen will be gone by sometime on Monday. So you may want to drop by quick, especially if you're a fan of Homer Simpson and his family. Otherwise, you too will be going "D'oh!"

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Source: New World Notes

Bixyl Shuftan

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