Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Akino Beach's Halloween Sim and Deepwood Manor

By Gemma Cleanslate

The Halloween area by Akino's Beach is a spectacular Halloween sim to visit. TP to the Halloween site from the beach and get ready for some spooky fun. There are several terrains to check out including a farm, a church and a very active graveyard full of wondrous habitants. Many different varieties of supernatural live here.. try the region windlight for the best look. I had to cheat so you could see.  At the farm stop in the barn to see what is for lunch.

Do not miss the cavern! It is deep in the bowels of the region and probably one of the most horrible sights and sounds I have seen or heard. I ran up the stairs from there and into the woods for some peace. Wrong. The woods which look so innocent have many surprises as you walk through the paths .
High on another hill there is a tower next to a “ hospital?" that is almost as bad as the kitchen in the cavern. Nearby another entrance to the lower caverns that leads to a  dragon’s den and then on to the kitchen. Perhaps here is where the food being prepared in the cavern kitchen goes.

Great Halloween sim!!!

The haunted house on the hill was actually the most peaceful place on the sim. Go and have fun. 

Deepwood Manor is in the Deepwood Forest on Mormo. As I approached the house a pane of glass fell from above and I heard screams! As I entered the first room the tables and chair fell apart too and fairy lights flew around the room. I was wondering if I would be able to make it through the whole house before disaster struck.

The next room was filled with cobwebs and the kitchen was worse with a skeleton lying on the floor. More cobwebs adorned the hallway upstairs where unearthly pictures went through frightening changes as I looked at them.

In the library books were flying through the air as the screams continued from somewhere.
Across the way I found a ghost child playing with a model train calling for mama to come help her and then in a bedroom I found a woman hanging from a rope. I wondered if that were mama. Furniture moved itself, flew around the rooms , collapsed, while I was roaming. There is a pentagram and a skeleton on the roof. Ravens croak from outside  with scary deep caws.

When I stepped outside to view a lovely lakefront I saw the someone had painted a huge red word that describes this place... EVIL.  It is worth a tour if  you like homes that are frightening and evil. After I looked around the sim I realize I had been in these woods before. It is close to Route 1 and I know I took a turn off the road when I saw a sign for the woods. There is a church up the road if you feel the need.

Gemma Cleanslate

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