Monday, October 8, 2018

The Calas Galadhon Haunted Maze

By Gemma Cleanslate

"Decades ago a group of explorers woke to find themselves in the middle of a large, seemingly impenetrable MAZE (Actually not that difficult *grin*).

They set up a base camp with supplies that had been left for them. (Left for them...hmm...)  In time, a group set out to explore what lay beyond and find a way out.

They never returned."

And so it begins....

Every year at this time I look for Calas Galadhon special sims for Halloween with anticipation.
Not because I really love this particular holiday celebration but because I know that Truck and Tymus always prepare their builds by creation of something that is going to be different and enticing to people from all over the world whether they understand Halloween or not. I am never disappointed.

I began my tour by arriving at the entrance where one is instructed to use the windlight (which I have to turn off to take pictures or you would never see them!), turn on your music and take the elevator to 2. As I stepped off the elevator I saw Alicia Underby and Truck greeting new arrivals and handing out supplies for the trek. I picked up my backpack, helmet , and torch and set out to look first for the boat ride that takes one around the sim  This gives an overview of the foliage and animals and some strange creatures, including zombies, found in these jungles .

When I landed after the ride I set out for the Maze, the beginning of the real adventure. from the entrance I took a right turn and started moving along the openings in the walls and turning back from dead ends . There are torches on the ground in some of the corridors

I finally got to the right pathway that lead to a barn like build behind a door, filled with dangerous rooms occupied by clowns, frightening creatures , giggly children that I got a bad feeling about as I looked into each one. After climbing to the second floor I found a room where one could look out the window and see the boat riders passing by. I made my way back to the entrance of the maze.

Here I found Alicia again and we tackled the left turn into the maze together passing more creatures ready to pounce. This way was not as successfully conquered and Alicia and I went around and around for a while, seeing the same creatures ,  until finally we came to an opening in the wall.Alicia went off to be guide elsewhere and I wandered out into lovely peaceful green tree lined path  to make my way to the Druid Circle and search for the portal to other part of the installation. I found it with little trouble and jumped in!

I emerged into the caverns and took a path into another type of Maze with even more frightening creatures and experiences. Make sure you “Pack a lunch!”  and carry water into your bag to spend some time in the Caverns.That was Alicia’s last admonition as I left the Maze. Make time to stay a while because The Caverns are Not Easy!

I hope you are not afraid of spiders... especially big ones! I am going to leave you here in the bowels of the earth with all the Halloween experiences that are to come.There are three more portals to go .  I really need to go back and make my way out of this horror, what ever may come.. I have other places to visit !

Ultimately I did get to see The Dig. This is the final destination and the place where all the parities will be held .   Begin here .

Gemma Cleanslate

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