Monday, October 1, 2018

Templeton Cove

By Gemma Cleanslate

I went over to visit my friend Jadyn Firehawk of P2P  at her new beach home that she is renting in Templeton Cove Estates. It is cozy and on a dock at the Marina Boatslip Cottages. I  found myself in a sim that is one of 16 regions, land and water. It is a wilderness themed estate with some special areas just for residents but so many sites open to guests and visitors so I grabbed a Guide Book and set out to explore in the next few day.I see they have camping areas too.

The riding trails are extensive and extend through the country side from sim to sim. Rezz a horse at the farm if you don’t have your own. There is good signage to guide you . Farms and homes are visible as you ride and you pass some lovely points of interest, like the Sister’s Walk, along the way.

Unity Park is a delightful place to stop and you can rezz a bike if the horse is tired.
The Templeton Guide book holds all the landmarks for points of interest in the regions.

I suggest a ride in the hot air balloon to get a wonderful overview of the area. You have three options for balloon routes or do all three. It is a terrific look at the various regions.

 The lighthouse on the high cliff above the balloon tour is a great way to get a good look at everything if time is short. Climb to the top and look out to the distant lands.

I stopped off at the Lake House where there was an early morning party going on and everyone was enjoying the music and dancing.

At the beach I tried out a ride on a sail board that ended in disaster but was fun.

I stopped in at the Gallery there and found the results of a photo contest that was held during the summer on display. Lots of lovely pieces won prizes and recognition.

 I also tried white water in a kayak and managed to survive that. I saw that one can rezz bumper boats there too so bring a friend!

I found these sims a delightful place to visit. According to residents I met it is a great place to live too with lively activities for the residents and guests and special areas made just for them . Visit and explore and perhaps stay a while as a resident.The choice of homes is abundant in all the different neighborhoods . 

Gemma Cleanslate

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