Wednesday, November 28, 2018

House of Avro and Santa Town

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have started visiting the early Christmas decor and sales sims that are already open and ready for business!

One of the largest busiest Christmas decor regions in Second Life, I think, is the House of Arvo. It is always fun to visit and wish I had  a sim or part of one to decorate. Unfortunately I live on a mainland island that is pretty tropical and only have so many prims to play with. If not, I would be buying so many of the delightful outdoor decorations that I see here . There is a gorgeous little ice pond available that I would have loved to buy. It would make a wonderful scene where I could skate.
Or Santa’s lovely sleigh drawn by two  reindeer, or the little snowman ice fishing. There are so many items here I have not seen anywhere.... yet.

 I am so glad I left my purse at home! Make a stop here even if you are not buying decor. The offerings will make you glad you at least could go window shopping! Inside the House of Avro shed There is a wonderful collection of stockings to hang on the fireplace, along with trees and wreathes and so much more. Little sheds all around hold anything you might need to decorate or wear,men or women.

Be sure to visit Santa and pick up a gift before you leave. He has his own cozy little indoor throne. There is a sign outside to invite you in.

Next!! Santa Town is also just filled with so many delightful indoor and outdoor items to decorate your sim or home.

After you make the rounds of the quaint shops stop over at the Skate Shack and pick up your free skates and take a skate around the frozen pond. There are Christmas songs playing for your enjoy ment. Grab a ride on the tour sleigh that takes you for a  ride  around the sim so you can enjoy it all.Don’t miss the ski lift or the sledding either. Great fun! I found some gifts in some of the shops. There will DJs playing for your entertainment Saturday December 1 . You can get a photo with Santa that day too.

Stop in at the Gingerbread cafe after skating, or check out the Old Bell Pub where you can play games . I had some great turkey kabobs while there withღвєllєღ (Mcshoah Resident)  . If you join the group there are some gifts under the tree for you  and you can visit  until Little Christmas, Epiphany , Jan . 6.

Gemma Cleanslate

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