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Reader Submitted: The SL DJ And Host Hall Of Fame

By Alysabelle Resident

Well its been a long time since I wrote an article. This one in particular I have been keenly interested in, the place is called the SL DJ and Host Hall of Fame. Perhaps this article will be an eye opener for those, who like me, who didn't even know that the SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame existed or unless assuming you are a Deejay or a Host in Second Life then perhaps you have heard about it. But despite all this I still wanted to know all about it and inform everyone who never known what the SL DJ and Host Hall Of fame is all about . I realize quickly that Deejays and Host have a place of their own in recognition of their hard work and in entertaining us with their music and banter. It was a true eye opener for me as always I hope that I have done justice in writing this article , this is my very first Second Life venue I have written about.

I was fascinated about SL DJ and Host Hall of Fame and knowing myself I had to pursue my curiosity as always . I want to start by saying I have attended several events mostly inductee's and a few memorial services and even a fund raiser and it was successful . It's an interesting story how the SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame came to be. First the owners are DJ Chris (chris62.greybeard) and DJ 3D (dia.dufaux) prior to the SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame, DJ 3 D has deejay for six years in SL. DJ 3D owned and managed a place called the SL Rock and Roll Memorial Museum for six years she owned and managed three clubs herself and as well as managed other club owners venues . She has trained staff and place them into clubs. DJ Chris has been a DJ for 7 years and owned at one time three clubs in Second Life as well. He trained 22 deejay's and 18 hosts for one club alone called the Fantasy Rock which at the time it was number one in Second Life for a year. He also owned a club called Galaxy Garden and both DJ Chis and DJ Dia co -owned a placed call CJ's Rock Club. They also have extensive real life back round in the music industry of one sort or another.

Without a doubt its obvious DJ Chris and DJ Dia complement each other and they had a vision to open a venue called the SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame and soon there after their vision was realized when it open up on March 14th 2014 . Of course they didn't realize how popular it would eventually become, it's also recognized by Linden Lab . You can tell when you visit the SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame that it is a true labor of love. They had this intense desire for the deejay's and hosts/hostesses in Second Life to be recognized not for any popularity contest at all, but for them to be recognize for the hard work involved in being a Deejay or a Host and to be honored by their peers. The SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame consist of numerous highly experiences judges and they themselves go out into different venues and listen to the Deejay's or Host or both and if there is any type of recommendation or improvement they will provide it, for SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame their desire for Deejay's and Host to become one of the best in Second Life.

The SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame is a non-profit organization and like any other non -profit organization they do ask for any and all donations to continue to flourish as well as provide support for the tier. They encourage anyone who would like to hire a Deejay or Host for any event to either contact DJ Chris (chris62.greybeard)or DJ 3D (dia.dufaux) and would be happy to provide one of the best inductee's in Second Life. They also happily encourage anyone who would like to plan an event at The SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame to contact them. From time to time they hold fund raiser for the Hall, Recently theyhad an R and B Halloween music fest and it was quite the successful .

Once you teleport to The SL DJ Hall Of Fame you will be facing the entrance door to the right there is a teleporter to the many stores that are on the right and left side of the Hall . The DJ and Host Hall Of Fame itself is quite impressive the details are immaculate . If you cam up you will notice two animated amplifiers and a mixer board. The SL DJ and Host Hall of Fame was build by none other by Che Bonpuli (cheonjiwang) what an impressive building it is ! When you turn around prior to walking in the Hall there is a vintage record player, speakers, turn table in large form, deejay's can as well hold an event there it was created by Squeeeeeaky. Squeeeeeaky also created some of the frames inside the The SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame quite creatively, before him it was DJ SteveRay Vaughn created and design their plaques. They have a Mascot and his name is Crebb Seetan is a psychedelic dragon . He has been with the DJ and Host Hall of Fame since their opening and prior he was with the owners for the Rock n Roll Museum. For applying to be inducted in the SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame any Deejay or Host in Second Life or a friend of theirs can apply to become an inductee in the SL DJ and Host Hall of Fame. Upon entering in the Hall you will notice both application forms are on either side of the desk at the bottom and on the left side application for Deejay's on the right side application for host. Once inducted the inductee's receive a plaque and a trophy, if they come to the induction itself.

Continuing as you look into the Hall on the right and left you will notice Deejay inductions and host induction plaques. Behind the desk there is the stage and to the left of the stage you will notice a Headset tip jar for the venue to help with the tier, you will notice a podium as well for the Master of Ceremony and the chairs up front on the stage facing the audience is for the Deejay's or Host who will be Inducted in the SL DJ and Host Hall Of Fame. There are also numerous chairs for guest and family to attend . For the Host inductions it usually takes place the third Sunday of each month. The DJ induction usually takes place the last Sunday of each month the festivities start at 5 pm slt and the ceremony starts at 6 pm SL time. Both ceremonies last approx: and hour give or take. They also have Memorial service upon request for Deejay's and Host but please inquire with either DJ Chris (chris62.greybeard)or DJ 3D (dia.dufaux) for time and date to be discussed . The Inductions and the Memorial are done both in voice and in text. The voice for the Hall Of Fame is real life professional voice actor DJ James Eastman. And the dress code is always formal.

On the second floor is set aside for the future Deejay induction plaques and as well the second floor overlooks the stage. On the third floor the entire promenade there are more Deejay plaques that have been inducted. On the third floor to the left you will discover the Marie Bravitz host wing which houses all the plaques of the Hosts inducted in the SL Dj& Host Hall of Fame. And to the right the DJ Jay Jones Honorary DJ Wing that house the plaques of honorary deejays. This wing honors those Deejay's with real life and or Second Life that have years of experience. .

The SL DJ Hall Of Fame consist of over 272 DJ inductions and 40 Host inductions and growing. Here are the colors of the plaque and there meanings...The gold frames are only for the Deejay's, the silver frames are for the Host. The silver and gold frames are both a combination of both a Deejay and a Host . If the plaques at the bottom are red on either gold or silver frames or both these deejays or host have passed away.

The next induction would normally take place at the end of November but due to Thanksgiving it has been scheduled for December 2nd 2018.

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I would encourage anyone to visit the DJ and Host Hall Of Fame it is quite impressive it's also open to the public . In closing, I found both DJ Chris (chris62.greybeard) and DJ 3D (dia.dufaux) very informative and a pleasure to have met them .

Thank you .

Alysabelle Resident.

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