Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Winter Holiday Village

By Gemma Cleanslate

Did you notice that it is that time again? Although it feels early the Christmas season is already under way. Reminders to start thinking of Christmas gifts, clothing, decor for the home and sim are all around us. I have already started collecting information about bazaars and fairs to help you out. One of my favorite places has already opened and I took a tour to check out the new additions and the old favorite nooks.  One can go shopping, skate, visit Santa, and all in one wonderful place. This is the 10th year that the region has opened for the holiday.

I was so sorry to learn that Mairead Fitzgerald, who started this wonderful Christmas event area has passed on . Her real life husband Preacher (Sutra Kish) and  Rosanadana Kish (Alienorifice Resident) have kept the wonderful sim going.

There are so many venues to visit while you are there. Information is available at the entrance area. Bring your skates,or, purchase some classy ones while you are there . The frozen lake  is extensive and the rivers off the lake wind around. It is a marvelous place to skate. As you glide around the large pond and rivers you get to view the shops with all the decor and outfits . Passing through the crystal caves is fun. On the lake is where the staging for all the marvelous events is set up . There will be fun parties with DJs and singers until the Christmas season is over.

There is a  horse drawn buggy tour that takes you up , up high into the sky. It is a fun thing to do with a friend or your honey and a good chance to chat . At the top there are more delightful shops to check out and winter cabins for rent. There is also a game pavilion to visit there . I saw a ski slope in the distance and there are free skis. You can take the ski lift up as well as the tour buggy. 

My favorite way to get an overview of the beautiful lake and all the shops it to take a ride on Santa’s Magic Snow Owl. Find that ride at the other end of the road from the ski lift past the big shops.It is right next to Santa’s throne room where you will find him and elves.  It is magical to float over the skaters. There is a wonderful wedding venue inside a glistening palace venue.

Be sure to stop in at the Lodge where , of all things, Mrs Claus is serving at the dining table with Mr Claus entertaining guests. There are so many venues to visit and I don’t want to spoil it all for you so .. I recommend you join the group is skating to music is for you and your friends. Event upon event will be taking place. I visit many sites for the Christmas season and I like them all but this one has always been one of my very favorites and I am glad to see it is continuing with the love that Mairead had for doing it for SL residents. I will be skating there as soon as i sharpen my skates! There are great skating pads and balls there if you do not have a skating hud.Don’t miss it.

Gemma Cleanslate

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