Friday, September 25, 2020

Some Sunweaver Houses

By Bixyl Shuftan

Yours truly has written about many places in Second Life. But for many residents, probably most, one place counts more than others: their home. In the community the Newser office makes it's home in, there are a lot. Some are large, some are small. Here are some examples.

One of the larger houses on ground level belongs to Nydia Tungsten and Brandi Streusel, Mouse Hole Manor in Pacific Waters.

The large house has been the scene of a few of her music videos, as well as some parties.

Kiyomi Xekri is one of the more recent Sunweaver residents. Her home is on a skybox high above the sim it's in.

She asked that I take a few pictures. So I did. Looks like this pup is having fun in the laundry room.

There was some good detail in places. This dining room scene has food that certainly looks edible.

Kiyomi's place  had a memorial for someone close to her whom died last June.

Felina Fermi is someone we've written about before in regards to her home and designing. Her home is in a semi-private area, though she was happy for me to take pictures, within reason.

Her rooms have a lot of detail, such as this kitchen.

These hens don't see too nervous about a fox near the henhouse.

Felina has two memorials for longtime friends of hers, Rhypanthian Abilene and Tigerclaw Apps.

Just outside Felina's house but on her grounds was a place that looked less like a home and more like a club and hangout with a few rooms for people wanting to stay overnight.

Near Felina's house was that of the Sunweaver chief herself, Rita Mariner's.

The place was large, with a dance party area and pool at the top, along with a helicopter pad.

And a big room for she and guests to relax in.

Perri Prinz and ReCoyote Mindes "Magic Garden" area in HV Community. On the left is the "Cuddle Cave" which they left open for couples to use.

Their own house is a two story brick building, with a teleporter to the Xanadu classic rock club.

Becky Shamen's tower in Sunweaver Bay.

The place has an airship that flies, a pirate ship, and other details.

Liska Fuchs' house, resembling a small castle.

The place has a lighthouse in the corner, lighting the way at sea.

Penny's (Deaflegacy) house. She keeps a number of horses.

The house of the late Artistic Fimicloud, which has been left standing as a memorial to her.

The "little pink fox" is still well-remembered.

The Sunnies always have room for one more resident. There are houses ready for someone to move in.

And there are empty plots for those whom prefer to get their own homes.

And finally, there's where yours truly lives. For years, I've had my house in a treehouse in the style of a previous place I lived: Woodlin (not to be confused with Woodland). I guess that spoke something about how I missed the fun times there.

But after ten years, I figured it was time to see what else was available. I came across this treehouse with a set of stairs. Nice to be able to get up without needing to press the "fly" button.

And so, my new humble home in Second Life. It's not very big, but it's a place to hang my virtual hat.

So there's a glance at the places where my virtual neighbors call their happy homes, all in the corner of Second Life that's our neighborhood and home.

Bixyl Shuftan

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