Monday, April 12, 2021

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Gemma Cleanslate

Easter brings lots of chocolate to mind and tummy. It reminded me that I had been to a place you really need to visit. Just Aboner(Justice Vought) of Oxygen has created Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in second life... Chocolate and other candy everywhere. Just was the creator that brought us the Greenies tribute last year (link).  

“Based on the Movie Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. This interactive experience will be sure to bring back many memories of that Great Classic Movie!
Start By first "trying" to get your Golden Ticket at the Candy store!
Touch , Ride , Jump , Float , Sit, and have fun!
Enjoy , Justice”

The entrance to it all is at a corner candy store called Wonka Bar. Here you stop and pick up the  golden ticket to get into the factory. The place is filled with all the delights you ever would want but is just the beginning of an adventure.

Walk along the path between the building and you will pass poor Charlie’s family home. Take a look to see the life he lived. Move on to the other road to reach the tunnel to the gates of the factory. Be very careful here . As you pass through the gates you will notice signs that state,”....” . Well of course being a reporter  I ignored the admonition and ... I just say pay attention to the sign.

The first stop in to the office of the factory. I spent time there looking around at the artifacts , posters. Both Willy Wonkas have their portraits there . In the classic 1971 Willy  was played by Gene Wilder. The 2005 remake has  Johnny Depp as Willy. Roald Dahl is the author of this story for children and had a message for them and us that is depicted in both movies.

I entered the door that said Golden ticket . A garden of lollipops, toffies, and chocolate everywhere greeted me as I arrived. At that point I called my friend to join me . Chocolate waterfalls and and a river with candy bars to cross over .We hopped into a passing boat and drifted down the chocolate river and through a tunnel into the factory .I hope you have your music on . Willy’s ghost voice might tell you something.

Another sign that I had to disobey was on the wall in the lobby that said Don’t  but my friend saved me from trying it and grabbed a fiz drink. ! Well , it is up to you . Following directions we jumped through a window and finally reached what looked like a large auditorium in the factory. I jumped into a hole in the floor and found myself in a room filled with televisions of all sizes and shapes. (Remembers one boy in the movie obsessed with tv.)

From there we landed in the bubble gum room. Careful where you step  in there! Lots of bubble gum everywhere and then to the guts of the factory where there is a magical ride on a candy bar high above the city passing over Charlie’s house and back into some part of the factory and finally into the little shop where you can pick up any little gifts you missed along the way. Golden tickets tees are only 10L too. We lived through it all with good memories of survival . If you have never seen  the movies look for them on the web. I asked Just how long it would be in sl and his answer was “forever”  My candy urge is satisfied for a while. But for memories and the fun experience,  just take a trip yourself starting here: .

Gemma Cleanslate

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