Friday, April 9, 2021

The Outer Garden

By Rosie (RougeRedHead01 Resident)

When you visit the “The Outer Garden” you will find a land of what I call “beautiful chaos.”  Only if you look around; up and down will you see the beauty and chaos. It is important to look up.

When you land it takes a bit for your eyes to adjust then you will see a beautiful scene of snow; light and delicate. At the landing point, to your right is the group joiner, guest book, a free gift, and a teleport. My suggestion is to resist the teleport. Walk around and investigate.

You will see trees decked with sparkling snow. Everything here appears fragile even down to what is perceived as iron gates is wire thin. It is filled with poses which makes it a photographer’s delight!
It was here I met a photographer who asked if he could photograph me. Mr. Pier Munroe asked me to put on a white dress.  The final photograph was a deaf girl standing between a piano and cello in this land of beauty.

There are levels to explore but I am not going to tell you how to go from place to place. That ruins the adventure. Bring a friend or maybe more and experience the beauty together. Walk around and investigate but no running as you might miss something. Look for the obscure chapel. You might even end up in an hourglass. This is quite a stunning place to explore. My mind goes to how do people get such creative ideas?


Have a happy adventure!


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