Monday, April 5, 2021

Scenes From Bellisseria

By Gemma Cleanslate

 I had so many things on my plate that I have not been able to get around Bellisseria. I took a little tour around some of the sites that exist in the present Bellisseria as it is now. Jon Ree does a marvelous job of sending out updated information as new sites appear so there will be more as the continent grows and expands.

One of the first stops I made was to the volcano in the Yancey region. I hope the nearby residents have a lot of insurance. It is 80+ m high and is bubbling so it is of concern but hopefully the Moles will keep it under control. I took a look inside and that was enough. There are actually six volcanoes on this continent. I am not sure if all are active, but will check that out.

At Franklin Hollow next to the railroad I found a great fossil of a dinosaur having been there millions of years ago. They are in the rocks that were removed to place the railroad is my guess.

 I am amazed there is not a fence to protect them from visitors touching. I hope the smoke from old train engines do not harm them.

Below the waters of a lake in Gridlock region there is a large skeleton of a dragon. The dragon was large and practically intact so it is my guess that it must have crashed into the lake while flying by.

My trip  to a new unnamed region called at present, SSPE1171 landed me at  a pleasant pavilion that overlooked Hotsprings where one can get a good view of the region . It has seating so relax and enjoy the mist from the waterfall and springs. This region has a great deal of water and is very lovely. If you aim for the center of the island in the lake you will land near the pavilion. Anyone can visit this continent and enjoy the amenities in the protected lands.

Monnia is a strange region. The Moles must have worked here during the winter and built an ice fishing shack on the huge lake. There are ice flows still on the lake and so far the shack is still safe. I wonder how long they will stay. Will they come back for the Shack? We will see.

Again the Moles have left a camper in a secret place under the waterfall. I looks like they still correspond a lot with and about Magellan. 

Check the computer if you go there . Or, this may be one of the hiding places where Magellan still visits. Looking at the remnants on the desk.... one of his cigarettes still burns!! That is a sign!

I went over  to Decker region to the waterways and dropping under water. Here I found another fishing shack almost destroyed. Now I know what will happen to the fishing shack on the ice flow unless Abnor Mole grabs it soon. It also adds to my suspicion of where Magellan is hiding since he left his hideaway in the Mountain of the Linden Realms.  There are so many waterways, ponds,  rivers, lakes and oceans in Second Life. Who knows ...

My last stop of the day was at Die Betrunkene Maus (The Drunk Mouse), a new gathering place in the regions that opened  with new Chalets as a Bellisseria home choice. There is plenty of room for big dinners or meetings or dance parties. Or a great place to hang out with friends for happy hours.

I ran into Claw Streeter there with a tankard of beer already in his hand. Go visit this spectacular  building and check out the new area. If you want more landmarks just ask I will send them.

Gemma Cleanslate

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