Friday, November 19, 2010

The Afghanistan Museum

The Afghan Museum sits high on a mountain in ROF Coalition. As you enter, there is a map with which to interact and begin to learn more about the country of Afghanistan. You will learn about the geography, and turning you see a display of some of the wildlife of this rugged mountainous terrain. If you “pet “ each animal, you will be introduced to the species and the role it plays in the country . Some are very exotic and native only to this area of the world. Another map shows the provinces whose names we hear so often in the news.

From there you can move on into the museum. "Honor the guest, O son. Even though he be an infidel, open the door." I heard, as I touched the tea container and then received a cup of green tea from the samovar. As I sat on the lovely cushions to enjoy my tea, I learned about the many peoples of Afghanistan using the interactive wall in that room. Every step of the way in the museum you will find interactive buttons to bring up examples of life, dwellings, and floors are covered with examples of the carpets of the country. A closet holds lovely clothing and hats and explains to you the background of the item and who might wear it.

Listen to the music as you go .It enhances the whole experience. Musical instruments and a description of them occupy another area. For more indepth information about the arts of the country you can link to a webpage. Be sure to climb the steps to the courtyard and up to the top where you can order up examples of the various food specialties in the Shisha Café. On the way down, I joined in a dance with the tribal dancers. Be sure to try it.

All in all, I enjoyed the whole experience of the Museum. Trill Zapatero, a famous SL artist, has done a wonderful job of letting you learn of the peoples of this country and their cultures, of which there are many, and displaying items of common life. I hope you will take the time to visit and discover all the secrets of the museum and learn about this far away country of which all we seem to hear now is reports of the war, but has so much to offer in its arts and cultural heritage. I have been to the museum three times now and every time I go I discover another secret that I missed before. Out in the entry courtyard you can learn about RAWR, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, and their work. This is a particular passion of Trill’s. And you can learn about Rumi at his shrine there. I know I will be going back for more.

You can enter here and enjoy!! The ROF C
oalition 2 sim at (52, 76, 74).

Gemma Cleanslate

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