Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Veterans' Day/Rememberance Day Places in Second Life

At The Tangled Arbor (200, 160, 2000) was this memorial to Canadian veterans, which had a service at 11 AM SL time by Tigerkitti Eberdene.

On one wall was a link to some music:
The Canadian Afghanistan Memorial Garden at Lichtenberg (80, 25, 45)

Patriot Island is more than just a memorial, it has an active military community, the US Military Veterans' Center, with regular events: Patriot Island (165, 125, 28)

The Virtual Vietnam Veterans Memorial at The Wall (39, 32, 25).

One can read more about "The Wall" at it's website:
At the London area, near the welcome area was this memorial area at Knightbridge (95, 230, 21)
Clicking on the fighter plane over the memorial led to this website:

By all means, these were not the only memorial areas. Just those I was able to find today.

Bixyl Shuftan

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