Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cap Estel Natural Lake Park

Recently I visited Cap Estel Natural Lake Park, one of the most beautiful places I have found in SL. If you haven't been there yet, treat yourself to a visit. Cap Estel - natural lake park, Cap Estel (64, 85, 22).

The park is the creation of resident Maurice Messmer, a RL resident of northern Germany. Messmer told me that he initially came into SL in 2007, but he left after a short time due to technical issues. About six months later, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, he decided to return. Second Life should be very grateful for that rainy day! Messmer’s first creation was a small home for himself, and he has progressed from there. In addition to Cap Estel, he has created other wonderful places, including a tropical rain forest at Geko Stoops Memorial Forest, located at Costa Rica. Geko Stoop's Memori, Puntarenas 1 (15, 21, 31).

Messmer specializes in creating scenic locations of places he would like to live. Cap Estel is his creative imagination at work, not a reproduction of a RL park. It was created in July, 2009, and he frequently changes the scenery. Some residents may have visited it during the summer when Messmer turned it into a dune park. Currently Cap Estel is an autumn mountain lake park, complete with walking trails and wildlife. Messmer said it makes him very happy when residents compare his park to their RL homes in Norway, Canada, and the northern Rocky Mountain region in the U.S.

I visited here twice, and I am sure I haven’t seen everything. There are miles of hiking trails that go around the lake as well as up into the mountains. Before starting such a rigorous adventure, I knew I would need a snack. At the landing spot, I crossed over the bridge to begin at the Park Cafe. The deli has pancakes, donuts, and Blueberry Crumb Muffins. And of course there’s espresso to go with them. All of the items are affordable (free), and you can take them to go or dine in. There’s a cozy front room with a fireplace and small tables, but I went out on the back deck. There are tables for larger groups here. The day I chatted with Messmer, I sat here and enjoyed the amazing view.

After your refreshments you can hike the Park. Along the lake front you will hear birds chirping, watch eagles soar, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the water. Wildlife is scattered along the trail, too. The most amazing part of the sim, however, is the detailed foliage and terrain. I felt I was hiking in the RL Rockies. There are private areas, too, where you can sit to enjoy the scenery or chat with a friend. I especially liked the Adirondack-style chairs at one spot by the lake.

If you take the mountain trail, be sure to wear your mittens. At the higher elevations you’ll find snow has already arrived. But if you make it up to the top you’ll find a snack wagon! Yummy!

Messmer told me that winter will be arriving at the lake within the next few weeks. The lake will freeze over, and ice skating will be available. He also plans to have a Christmas village with little shops and festive decorations. I’m going to sharpen my skates and return soon.

Grey Lupindo

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