Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter Sports at Chamonix City

Now that the winter season is approaching, I set off to find some fun sims for you to visit. My first stop was Chamonix City. This is a sports sim named for the location of the first Winter Olympics held in Chamonix , France in 1924. The town in real-life remains a winter sport destination, and here you have your chance to visit in SL. It looks like the GOHA, the Global Online Hockey Association, has been in SL for a long time. This is my first introduction to it.

When I arrived at the Town center, my first visit was to the Hall of Fame. A history of GOHA is there for your viewing, and tributes to those that have made their mark in the League since they started in 2006. Plaques and trophies are displayed honoring the players and their teams on three floors. The town itself is delightful, with the Community Center, and shops filled with freebies. You can pick up hockey shirts, skates, hats and scarves for the winter and more. I stopped in at the church where I found several hockey players prostrate before the altar praying, “We will be strong and play as a team.”

Next I took a tour of the area landing first at the Pond Hockey where I read, “ Pond Hockey is a special tradition for the Global Online Hockey Association since 2006. Enjoy a laid back game with no walls, relaxed rules, and a beautiful setting tuned specifically for Hockey! “ The pond is open the public for practice any time a game is not in progress.”

I flew over to the Breakaway Rookie Training area where all the information you need to learn how to skate and play hockey is located. There is an automated training tools map . There are explicit directions and hints at all the locations on the map to help you become a hockey player if you are interested. I think I will skip it ! LOL. But I did try the tips on skating! Very Helpful.

I located the arena where the games are played. While I was there, some players were practicing for a game. Sure enough at 1:00 SL time, a game started between the Foxes and the Blades. Just like real life , play was fierce. There was a penalty right away! The entire schedule is at . I saw that games are also televised on Treet Tv on Sunday. Take a look at the website for more information and news.

I found a down hill sky jump that was closed at the time. I located the public skating pond where I found more skates for the taking. There is a couples and a solo skating animation for you to use. I tried the downhill skiing and sledding. I also found an Events Center for performances . You can find those on the Calendar as well.

There is also snow boarding and you will find boots and board . The building is not far from the arena and is on the main road. This sim is definitely worth a visit. Lots to see and do . Take a trip over to the sims starting here at the Community Center . Wear your woolies!!!

Gemma Cleanslate

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