Friday, February 4, 2011

Casablanca Hotel

Recently I visited The Casablanca Suites & Hotel Beach Resort, located at Casablanca Hotel (207, 51, 32). The Hotel was built by Patch Thibaud, and Frolic Mills is CEO. In addition to the Hotel, the Resort includes a residential community, convention center, country club, chapel, shopping, theatres, and more.

The Hotel Manager, BlackBarbie Bravin, has been the manager for 6 months, and she has one of the most glamorous work sites in SL. She gave me a VIP tour of the hotel, including a luxury suite and penthouse. We met in the lobby, which is a bold mix of red, leopard, and black. A subtropical floral centerpiece, created by Lilith Heart of Heart Nursery, accentuates the exotic luxury of the Casablanca Hotel. The red and black couches are perfect for meeting friends before an evening out.

Two small shops are located on the left side of the lobby. Casablanca Boulevard has unique sandals, and KPD (Kathrin Pearl Designs) has upscale ladies fashions. My favorite KPD is the Autumn Winds ensemble. It’s an entire outfit in a box: mini skirt, sweater, belt, bangles, brown leather boots, and a sculpted fur jacket (fake fur, I hope). In addition to the lobby stores, Bravin told me there are over 80 shops located here.

Rich, gold paneling carries the exotic theme from the lobby into an area that serves as a meeting room or a space for small parties. Deep red carpet gives this room a quiet, plush feel. Five small couches, each with a table big enough to hold a pair of wine glasses and a cheese tray, are located along one curved wall. A hallway gleaming with polished black marble leads to the formal ballroom. Bravin said the ballrooms are available for guests at no additional charge, and non-guests can rent the space for special events. They have had weddings and dinners in the formal ballroom. Glass doors open out to the lake side of the Hotel. There are water fountains, a nearby mall, and even a white sandy beach where you can catch some rays.

On the opposite side of the Hotel hallway is a spectacular infinity pool. You can sit at one of the umbrella tables, sip a tropical drink, and gaze at a stunning view of the ocean. For a more romantic evening, there are four private dining tents on the far side of the pool.

The most fantastic part of the Hotel—the suites and penthouses—are not public. There are eight regular suites and two penthouse suites. Bravin explained that for privacy and security reasons the rooms are accessed by landmark only. The rooms are available, however, for residential or limited rental. Approximately 4 to 6 SL residents live here full time. Contact her for rates and details.

First Bravin showed me the suite, and I was amazed at how spacious and beautiful it was. The living room had a fireplace and lots of room to entertain. Beautiful art and floral arrangements are found in every room, too. Bravin explained that Frolic Mills, along with Editorial Clarity, did the interior decorating. There was also a large bedroom with an adjacent bath.

On our way to the penthouse, Bravin told me that the Casablanca Hotel is home to a SL celebrity. Miss Virtual World 2011, Serene Faith, has a Master suite here. It was part of the prize package she won in the pageant.

The Penthouse was also lavishly decorated. The first floor was spacious, and it also had a fireplace and romantic balconies. A small staircase led to a hot tub that was tucked discretely in one corner. Another staircase led to a second floor and additional rooms. Bravin explained that any of the furnishings could be changed or removed at the guest’s request. “The goal,” Ms. Bravin said, “is to make you never want to leave.”

The Casablanca Hotel reached its goal with me. I would have loved to stay longer. When I mentioned to Bravin that the Hotel would make a lovely Valentine get-away, she smiled and said they already have a Valentine’s Hunt planned. The dates for the Hunt are February 14 – 28. I’ve already marked my calendar.

Grey Lupindo

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