Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Visit to the Criss MCA

I am always happy to get a notice of new artists being displayed at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art . It is a pleasure to visit the Alajuela sim and the Museum building itself is intriguing. Go inside and you will find three floors of exhibits, each dedicated to one artist. They are usually very varied in their works and that is true of this exhibit.

On the first level you will find the the fascinating art of Sedge Roffo. His pieces are all created in SL and not in real-life. I recall some of his builds from the SL birthdays and Burning Life 09. He has created a process called primagery. Some of his “sculpts” are in the exhibit for you to enjoy. Climb the stairs to the second floor and there you will find a very different atmosphere in the midst of the works of JadeYu Fhang. JadeYu’s pieces are ethereal in my eyes. She says,” There is no split between the "virtual " universe, and the "real" one, as they are commonly named.” And that is the feeling I get when I gaze at her works.

Archibald Sideshow had his pieces on the third floor so don’t miss the stairs. His art is stunning and each takes some time to absorb. As you move from floor to floor you can pick up a note card about each artist and their philosophies of art as well as their backgrounds. I see that Scotj Criss the CEO is opening some galleries in the rear of the museum building for rent by artists to display their works so take a walk out to check the new area. A good starting point.

The gallery is located at Alajuela (184, 76, 22).

Gemma Cleanslate

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