Thursday, February 24, 2011

SL New England

SL New England is located on the united sailing (open waters) sims. This group of sims is in danger of being scrapped seemingly due to bad management. In an effort to save the location, a handful of residents are attempting to generate some public awareness and interest in the area.

Various areas are located on the estate, including Mystic, the Village, Dove Cottage, Fenimore Art Museum and Mystic Beach. In addition to shopping, multiple events are held regularly, including art exhibits in the square, music concerts, marina parties, fashion shows, weddings, scavenger hunts, fishing derbies, just to name a few.

Arriving at the LM, I was presented with two boards: one was a group joiner and the other was an opportunity to take a walking tour of the estate. I clicked on the tour ball, jumped on and began the tour.

SL New England is a series of 35 sims designed with a New England theme. One of the regions is Mystic and one is Nantucket. This is where you will find the SLNE village. Beautiful waterways and beaches are everywhere.

On Nantucket is the outdoor theater. This can be accessed by swimming or sailing up if you like. Musical performances are usually hosted daily. A recent concert featured Simon Voix in the town of Mystic. Hailing from Argentina, Simon plays an ecclectic mix of rock, soul Brazilian funk and Latin rythms on electric, classical style guitar with percussion backing tracks, He is inspired by the American rock & roll music of Jimi Hendrix, Living Colour and 70's music, soul music of artists like Stevie Wonder , Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye and the Latin rthyms of Carlos Santana & the Afro Cuban Musicians. This is just a sampling of the many musical performances that take place in New England.

Also located in Nantucket is the Nantucket Barn. Not your typical barn with horses and cows, it boasts 2 floors of New England Merchants. At the Barn, you can purchase anything from a ship to a blouse. Definitely worth exploring for all you shoppers! At The Nautical Shop, you can find items from maps of NE, boat oars and other boating items and sealife artwork.

At the marina, the largest, three-masted schooner belongs to the harbor master. A visit there will inform you about available slips. Beware of the brig though, there is zero tolerance for piracy. Boat prices range from $L250-$L4000.

Slipping off the pier and into the water, much to my surprise, I landed straight into the underwater world of the Mermaids! All types of merfolk avatars and attire can be found in these depths. There's truth in the saying "you never know what you will 'fall' into."

In the heart of Nantucket is Nantucket Square where art exhibits often take place. A simple click on the Art in New England signs will allow you to join the group and be kept aware of exhibits planned. Many of the shops are historically built and much of the other builds are based on actual buildings throughout the RL New England. Outdoor cafe tables are scattered throughout the square.

A virtual New England port town would not be complete without its share of pubs. The pubs also have swim-up entrances which aid the Merfolk but are utilized by all. Relax in a pub with a view to the water and watch the ships sail by and come into port.

Please help support this gem of sims. Have a visit, take a boat ride, make a purchase and donate if you are able. Inquire about renting a home or shop. Your patronage of this charming, quaint area may save it from taking its place in the SL landfill!

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