Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Club Moonshine

By Wesley Regenbogen

Club Moonshine was created by EveleenJewell Resident and she decorated the place by herself. She created the club about 2 months ago, so word about the place is just getting out. She had another club earlier for one and a half years, but she had to move. 
Normally you would find a club in a closed building, but this club is in the open air, no ceilings and no walls other than a hedge. This is kind of weird, but that makes it unique. There are seats in the corner of the club, if you want to relax a little, or take a break from the dancing during parties. There are trees in the club as well, and the dance floor is in the middle of it. As December approaches, there will be a winter theme soon.
The audience is mostly Netherlands or Belgians, so this means that the language spoken is Dutch and English. But Americans also join in the club to dance. The music that is played varies from DJ to DJ, but mostly they play following genres : pop/rock and oldies and top 40 music. And of course they try to play every request. The club is not always open, but has hours when the DJs are present and playing music. 

n my personal opinion, this place is very nice and you can really relax and chill in the club, or just dance to the music. Enjoy your stay at Club Moonshine, and maybe we will meet each other there someday. I can speak Dutch, so to the Dutch readers, please talk to me if you are in there. 

EveleenJewell has her own group and as special group for events. If readers want more information about the place they can contact her or they can join the group for more information.
If I can help to get the club more known, I’m glad to help out. You can find the place at this location :

Wesley Regenbogen

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