Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rocca Sorrentina: Reliving the 18th Century

By Fritter Enzyme

Rocca Sorrentina, an imaginary island off of Italy, still living in the time of 1784.  The landing point puts you near an art exhibit supported by the Missouri Humanity Council dealing with Shakespeare in the 18th century.  Other art exhibits are there to find too.  This is a RP ”lite” sim, so you don’t have to be in costume.  But they are provided for free, at the landing point, and shopping is available for those looking for finer period clothing to have.  Information for shopping, and a general map is at this landing point.  A teleporter to take you out of the greeting area is nearby. You teleport down to the water front on a ship, just like you have arrived to the island that way.  From there you begin your journey of exploration.  To the left of that dock you can rez a sailing vessel to cruse the waters.  A swimming HUD is also available there.

There are shops, with clothing and era pieces of furniture to buy, or sit in the bar and have a snifter of brandy.  Frescos and tapestries on the walls, inlaid textures in the ceiling really bring this place to life.  Residences available with beautiful stairwells full of art.  The dock area abounds with the needs of shipping, supply stores, blacksmiths, a chapel and the like.  Move deeper in to find the riches of the city. 

I have been told that Saturday morning, between 11 and noon, SLT, is the best time for a visit.  This is the time of the coffee house conversations.  While at the sim you can RP with the others you meet.  Gestures are given with the outfits for free.  A court bow or curtsy are expected when coming across others.  Politeness is the all the rage.  And art, in every detail, every buildings ceilings and trim, doors and walks.  There is much to take in here.  The opulence of the structures and parks, with statues, fountains and the water front is amazing.

It started more than four years ago, under different management.  Magistro Alda Stern and Sere Timeless have taken it over and added another sim. They greeted me and were very nice to talk with.  It is meant to be an immersive learning experience with book discussions, music events, the roll play and exhibits.  A perfect place for SL photography.

Fritter Enzyme

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