Monday, November 10, 2014

The Hope Driftwood and Dreamscape Ranches

By Wesley Regenbogen

Hope Driftwood’s Ranch 
 Recently, I wrote about the closing down of the The Full Circle Club. The owners found another business in Second Life : ranches in Second Life and also breeding virtual horses in Second Life.
It was the first time I saw horse raising in Second Life, boy was that an experience ! Hope Driftwood and Christopher Dreamscape both own a ranch in Second Life where they own a number of breedable horses. Christopher told me he also breeds virtual dogs All those animals that have been coming to Second Life. This trend has been going on for some years, so, well, I must say that it’s a nice thing.
The two don't run a single ranch, but two. Hope Driftwood owns a ranch called “Hope Driftwood Ranch." Christopher Dreamscape owns a second ranch called “Dreamscape Ranch." Both of them created their ranches themselves, with helpers helping to decorate Hope Driftwood. The communication for Hope Driftwood Ranch is done by plain old notices and word to mouth.Her ranch can be found through Second Life Search and everyone is welcome to visit it! She on occasion plays music for the horses in the ranch as well. There are a few upcoming events: "Snap," "Drop," and "Panel Auction."

Hope Driftwood told me her ranch had a number of helpers, which she considered her Second Life family: Benji Darkfury, Red Darkness , Rosie Darkness, Ayasha johnannes, and Neaven Snowfield. There was also, "My brother rancher and other helper Christopher Dreamscape. This started out as a family based ranch! I Started doing horse a couple of years ago when i was on a diffrent avi. I was Playing Rosie Darkness at the time. Dakota Snowfield and Benji Darkfury taught me a lot! I love horses both in real life and Second Life. This is my dream! I get horse's and breed them with my daughter Sunny and Sister Cherry! But I Love to make friends and Ride my horses!" 
Dreamscape Ranch

The Dreamscape Ranch is owned and was created by Emma Dreamscape (emmalee69) and Christopher Dreamscape (christopher410) on the 23rd October,2014. The decorations at the ranch were made by Emma. 

Both ranches support the Relay For Life, and they play to hold events to raise money for the charity. They will most information about that soon.  You can look up the ranches through Second Life Search.
In my personal opinion these ranches are very well made and are just perfect for everyone who loves horses, either in real life or only in Second Life. It’s the first time that I encounter a ranch in Second Life, though. I wish Hope Driftwood and Christopher Dreamscape the best with their ranches.

Hope Driftwood told me the whole process about breeding virtual horses, and I must admit it must be a difficult process.
On a final note, I was made an offer for a virtual horse, but I haven’t decided yet, LOL !
Hope Driftwood Ranch can be found here :

Christopher Dreamscape’s Ranch can be found here :

 Wesley Regenbogen

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