Monday, November 24, 2014

The Quest Qlub

By Wesley Regenbogen
The Quest Qlub sim is an open air club with a beach nearby, and many things you can do around them. This is a place where people from the Netherlands and Belgium come and enjoy themselves, but other residents are also allowed to join in, of course. 
The sim was created by Lovely Zwiers in September 2014.. They communicate with their visitors and members of the group through the group ( and group chat ), with notes and their Facebook page :
On the latter, they describe “The Quest Qlub sim” as "a beautiful place to enjoy music, to dance and relax with your friends, to play Greedy and to have fun.” It surely is the place to enjoy the music and to dance and you can relax in the seats that are at the club! They try to make everyone feel like home.
The Quest Qlub is nicely decorated and the place has a unique setting as well. The decorations were done by Lovely Zwiers and Quistis Shippe. The DJs play dance music, pop rock, and of course take requests from the crowd.  They have a new contest every week. They also have themes that they decorate the place with, like : Rock&Roll, Halloween, etc. They also have live performers like Yip Jannings and Nadine Morani.

There is a nearby beach and lots of shops, and there is even a The Quest Rentals, where you can find a place to rent if you are looking for a home in Second Life.
If readers want more information they need to consult the Facebook page, mentioned above.

In my personal opinion, the place is the best place I found where people from Holland and Belgium enjoy themselves. But as mentioned earlier, everyone is welcome to join in! So, I conclude with these words : Everyone, come and join us at The Quest Qlub and have fun!
To visit this place follow this link :  

Wesley Regenbogen
Note: Earlier the date the club was created was given as 2004. That was a typo, the correct date being 2014.

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