Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Areo Pines and Icewater Village

By Gemma Cleanslate

My next favorite area to visit for the season of winter is Aero Pines.  I have been coming to these sims for longer than I remember at one season or another. Winter is wonderful. The skating pond is lovely and nearby there is a shop and at the entrance you will find lovely skating outfits for both male and female for free. I think  that outfit was my first winter skating outfit from at least five years ago and I still like it! In fact I think this is the first place where I learned to skate in Second Life. The Nutcracker is there too! Jump on a dance ball and join the performance! 
This year there is a darling Santa ‘s workshop to visit. Sit on his lap and ask for your heart’s desire. There will be activities going on until the end of January. There is so much to see in these sims, Besides the skating pond, don’t miss the carnival area that has fun rides, or take a balloon ride over the region. Horse back riding is always great fun on the snowy surfaces up and down the hills and valleys or you can rezz a horse and sleigh to ride the snow covered roads. Enjoy!   
Editor's Note: The carnival area's pretty fun, with it's roller coasters and bungie jumping. Just remember on the latter to pin down any hat you might be wearing.  Booooooiiiiiinnnnngggggg .......
Another treat is Icewater Village. I love the quaint little town with its shops with fun items. Fishing is going on all the time here with weekly 7seas fishing contests so you always find fishers hanging out. Friendly dogs come sniffing and asking for petting. Right now there is a delightful sleigh ride that takes you high in the air so you can view the whole region. Skating here is fun on a large pond. It is decorated for the Christmas season at this time so don’t miss it! 
Icewater is always outfitted for winter with builders working on it all the time and there are added attractions now. While I was there I sat down for hot chocolate with Spinnetje Jewell  , one of the builders. The other builder,  Tolsen Decycla was busy building, or sleeping.
You can catch the sleigh here at the rezzer .. click the snowman!   
Gemma Cleanslate

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