Monday, December 22, 2014

The Trotsdale Library

By Grease Coakes

Many people think of a library as a quiet place to use the computer for a short while or to borrow books or moives. However in the pony sim of Trotsdale it serves a very different purpose.

In a real life library you might get shooshed if you spoke above a whisper by a librarian or someone wishing peace and quiet. Instead the pony library in Trotsdale encourages talking to tell stories over voice chat. Just like open mike in book Island the Trotsdale library is an excellent place for aspiring writers to read their literary works out loud. Or if you choose you can read your favorite book to entertain your friends as your share the book that really wows your imagnation.

As you walk in the glass door with unicorn heads by the sides there's a reading chair towards the front and plenty of pillows on the floor. Sit on the classical looking chair if you want to read something in voice chat. But if you want to spend your lazy afternoon listening to one of your friends or an author you haven't met yet. Feel free to sit on a pillow and listen away to let yourself be whisked away into the world of the story. Don't be shy even though Trotsdale is a MLP sim you can show up in any avatar you wish. Just remember Trotsdale and Nisa nearby are G-rated sims, so use common sense.

Being in the library a few times before I heard Amehana Arashi read her favorite story "Rojuun by John H Carroll." The story itself sounded richer with many engaging characters in a fantasy environment involving dragons and magic with Amehana's reading. She also told me, "After I finish that one I'll be reading 'A Rosary of Stones and Thorns' by M.C.A. Hogarth." I myself read my children's book outloud and chapters from a book that i am working on. A few ponies showed up to hear my stories and Amehana's reading of Rojunn.

Not only is the library a great place for hearing people read out loud but there is also excellent artwork based upon the show "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic." The ceiling artwork shows Celestia,Luna,and Twilight. On the top floor there was also banners showing MLP related artwork. Sadly the bookshelves don't have any books, but they add to the atmosphere of a library even if they just are prims.

On a Sunday night at 7PM SL time, Milo the white pony, AKA Decitrex Resident, read out loud his story about a poor guy called "Hard Luck Hank Screw the Universe." Milo read in a dramatic voice read out the characters dialouge and described the scenes at a good pace. Hard luck Hank had ragged clothes and dealt with mutants down in the sewers in a space station. Milo did a great job doing various voices as a Irish rogue voice or a tough guy. He put lots of emotions into his voice as if they were right there in the library. When he finished reading, his main character Hank wasn't comfortable doing something even though a lady character offered him a  great deal of cash.

There's a schedule to the right of the reading chair that showcases locals and ponies who read  at certain times on the schedule. For now the schedule seems light. One of the events is also a music show. Maybe in the future more ponies, humans, dragons or whatever might fill in more slots to add flavor to the library.
Even if you're not a brony or pegasister the Trotsdale library is open to all who wish to try something new whether to test your story out to ponies who are eager to listen,or if you want to sit on a pillow and listen to exciting new worlds. Just like in MLP you might meet new friends as well. Even if you're shy like Fluttershy.

Trotsdale Heights (22, 156, 24)

Grease Coakes

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