Friday, December 19, 2014

Ravenlock's Xmas Zone

by Locke Esgal

The holidays are here once again. Snow is falling across the grid, holiday avatars and Christmas clothing are being seen everywhere and parties are being planned to celebrate the season. Gifts are being given, eggnog is being drunk and many sims are putting up the holiday decorations. Even my home sim of Ravenlock is breaking out the yuletide cheer! Today, I'm going to take a look at the festivities close to home with a look at Ravenlock's Xmas zone.

When I first entered the area, a massive Christmas tree was there to greet me, with tons of neatly wrapped gifts nearly the size of a person, some even larger then that! Santa has a little hut from which one can purchase Pokeballs to catch the little festive Pokemon playing in the snow outside, though as I write this, I can glance out the window of Santa's hut and see an angry Mewtwo in a holiday scarf, so little might not be the right word for it. I managed to grab a winter skin for my pokeball catcher, so in case his rage gets turned my way, I should be fine!

There are also some traditional winter activities, such as snowball fights and sledding down a hill. There's even a pair of skates for use on the nearby lake right on the stand where someone could grab a snowball thrower and a mug of choco for winding down after a day of sledding, getting hit with snowballs and fleeing from angry Mewtwos. I'm not sure that last one is part of the activities, however. Maybe I shouldn't have mistaken my snow-ball themed pokeball for an actual snowball. Either way, it seems the spirit of the holidays is alive on this sim and I look forward to exploring even more to find other fun things to do this Christmas!

Ravenlock (75, 65, 1044)

Locke Esgal

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