Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Enchantment Island: A Sim Close to Closing

By Fritter Enzyme

There is a place that we are going to lose in Second Life.  There are many if we don’t support the sims we go to for our entertainment.  The average amount given to Ronald McDonald a week, by those who enjoy a certain sim, could run it, expand it, and pay for advertising it.  You can make your own coffee and sandwich in the morning, but most cannot make a wonderful virtual experience for so many to enjoy.

Right now I am at Enchanted Island, one of my favorite places.  It has a main landing site to lead you to a plethora of places to explore and have fun.  Most are one of a kind.  My favorite museum is there, the Museum of Surrealism.  And the Museum of Illusions, for those interested in magic tricks.  Learn about your favorite magicians and their tricks.  Participate and purchase props for your own.

All the building are beautiful prim works, some with reflective floors and fine chandeliers.  A Tornado Gallery in an over turned house.  A Marine Superstore, low prim and price, with a pirate’s cove and treasure hunt nearby.  A ride to an Egyptian skybox is there, look for the reed boat and sail away.  It is also home to the Mega Bubble ride, the largest one I have seen in Second Life.  Many of the things you see are for sale, and there is a store with great animated signs gearing towards Halloween and cat lovers.  A unique animated mesh jacket is there, very nice work on that.  I bought it, might go back for the fat pack.  Several places to shop are offered.  Tiny animated worlds in a bottle, prices are very reasonable on everything.

There is a Haunted House, Star Wars land, Lunacy Joke Shop, Nutty Fireworks, Goblin land, Tiki World, more than I can mention to be seen, but only if you come.  And it will only last if supported.  BambiTwice Nitely, the owner and creator of much of it, with help of others, is making it known that it is failing.  Lack of funds will shut it down, the same reason many wonderful  sims have. 

Second Life can be free.  If you want nothing to do or see there, keep it that way.  If you want an immersive, imaginative world to play and explore in, then you need to buy less hamburgers and give some lindens to those who work hard, and pay out a lot to keep us entertained.  I urge you to come see Enchantment Island, and please, to support it.  Nothing can replace the sims we have lost.  Help stop these horrible loses.  Import some money and give lindens to those that give joy to you. 

Fritter Enzyme

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