Friday, June 5, 2015

1920's Chicago Roleplay

“Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town”

But this is Chicago in the Roaring 20’s. RP gangsters, the real kind.  You might get shot!  There is a hospital waiting for you if you end up needing it.  Old advertisements of the era on the building walls, the elevated tracks, the true opulence or desolation of the times.  Pick up some duds at a local shop and explore in style.  There are some shops with guns and damage meters so you can join in the gang wars.   Thugs hang out on the streets, and have many hang outs to be at. 

At the corner of Fullerton and Wrightwood you will find a barber shop.  Stop in and get a cut.  Or, better yet, seek the secret entrance to the hidden speak easy.  The hoochies will be waiting for you.  This is the Back Room.  Blues and jazz are all the rage at this sim.  There are many venues to enjoy, from The Back Room, with all its seclusion and secrecy, to the fanciness of Fiume Jazz Club.  There is the Asylum, the Red House Society, in the red light district, (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more), and The Fox Club. Just to name a few.  But don’t miss out of the Burlesque show!  A real burlesque show for you in Second Life.  The Empire hosts this show in a plush red themed theater. A naked and naughty 1920's style burlesque every Saturday night at 7:30 SLT. 

The Chicago Theater show movies, current to the times, in class. I find that the lush art deco style eases the eyes after seeing the slums.  Art works in deco style are for sale in many shops or in the city hall.  Wrigley Field is there, in its original simplicity.  Run the bases, if you like.  Of course there are places to rent for your own shop, and homes.  I even found a Bear Detective agency for all your furry legal needs.  I have found myself welcome there and feel all will be, if you respect the role play about you.  I love it for the music, the art deco builds and the fun of old time Chicago.  Secret room, gambling halls, and teleporters to skyscrapers are there to be found. 

The Roaring 20's Chicago Mobster Group is there to join so you can add to the role play. Get to know the citizens and mob bosses there.  Pretend you are Americas Most Wanted, shoot up the town and take over, if you can.  They are love RPing here and would enjoy it if you got in the act. 

Don’t forget to visit Lyon, Avon and Sons Mortuary, (you stab ‘em, we slab ‘em).  Who knows, you might just end up there anyway.  Beats “sleepin’ with the fishes”.  And as always, tip the venues, workers, shop the stores and respect what they offer you.

Fritter Enzyme

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  1. they need to learn what the hell a burlesque shoe is. A car from the 40's with a dude banging a chick, a 2000 ford or dodge truck, and a 1940/1950 style care with peple in the back at a damn drivein talkn about beer to start out was NOT a burlesque show. Not to mention half the poeple attending were dressed as normal avi's and not from 1920's/ If your gonna have a sim with a theme, at least try to act liek you know what your doing. and if you r policies are " Stay in character past a certian point or your gonna get kicked" then half the people at the theatre shouldn't have been there.