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A Day in New York City Block (2008)

By Bixyl Shuftan

This article was originally published in April 2008. It had been several months since I first met Cheri Bing, a Brooklin lady whom build a place close in detail to part of her home, which she called New York City Block. Me and a few friends would check out the place on occasion. This time, things were a bit more active than usual.

*  *  *  *  *

It had been a while since I gave my friend in New York City, Cheri Bing, a visit. So I dropped by. Looking around, I found her beside an apartment complex, and we had a cheerful hello. She introduced me to a couple local friends of hers, and we talked about recent goings on.

While we were talking came an odd sight. A guy in a dark suit was being chased by a neko catgirl armed with a baseball bat. At one point, she caught up with him and whacked him hard enough for a spray of blood to fly. It wasn't enough to impede him, but only spurred him to run faster. We just starred at the odd sight, Cheri commenting this behavior wasn't that unusual here.

Then came another sight. A pegasus came down to join Cheri and I. Cheri chuckled, commenting earlier a unicorn had walked down the streets, and it allowed her to get on and ride it. "I think it was feeling horny," she punned. The winged horse was soon joined by a gryphon, then they flew off. Then a walking tree, a treant, began lumbering down the road. Cheri commented she had wanted more trees down the street, but this wasn't exactly what she had in mind.

The walking tree soon waddled away, but them came a dark lizard-like monster, about ten feet high and twenty feet long. It got up on someone's car, and stood there on it's four feet. After a minute, a stout middle-aged man in a jumpsuit, angry and brandishing another bat stormed out of the apartment, yelling "GET THE F@#% OFF OF MY CAR!! " The monster just belched a jet of flame his way, but it passed harmlessly over his head. "Maybe you should politely tell him," one girl suggested. "Okay," he told her, then looked back at the monster, "Get the f@#% off of my car! Hey, I was polite, no shouting."

It was amazing that this man was facing this fire-breathing creature with only a baseball bat. Then again, maybe after decades from being invaded by King Kong, Godzilla, and other huge monsters, twenty feet just didn't cut it with intimidating New Yorkers.

Just about as amazing, it worked. The monster got off the car, and walked off. Then something else got on the car, the neko catgirl. She proceeded to dance around on it. The man didn't get mad this time. Instead, he got up with her, looking at the sight before him. Apparently, New Yorkers can be charmed just like anyone else by a shapely catgirl.

They soon got off the car, going back into the apartment complex, and Cheri had to go in herself to take care of something. While waiting, I saw a vampire bat guy walk down the street. He saw a blood stain at the spot where the catgirl had earlier whacked a guy. "I'll probably get blamed for that." he muttered to himself. When a couple of girls came onto the street, he took off a few feet. Instead of being scared, the girls just cheered him on, "Yeah baby, shake those hips!" one shouted as his lower body maneuvered to hover. He continued to hover about them, apparently amused, until something else got the girls attention. He then flew off.

One of the girls saw me, and invited me into her apartment to chat. So we went in. We were soon joined by her pet mini-dragon, gnawing on a hot dog. Cheri came by, and we chatted for a while.

A calmer end to an interesting day in this New York City block.

*  *  *  *  *

New York City Block would continue on for a few more years, best known for it's 9-11 memorial events. But then Cheri became busy with real life matters, and so she had to depart Second Life, and without her the sim soon faded away. Although there were other New York sims, this one was for people to make their virtual homes in.

Bixyl Shuftan

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