Monday, January 11, 2016

Experience Nature at Oyster Bay

By Kelly BloodyKitty

This my lovely friends is called 'nature'. Something a lot of us may not see depending on where we live. This sim is called LICK Sim Designs and is located in the region of Oyster Bay. Like a lot of places I go to seem, it appears to be owned by a group as well simply titled, LICK, and is a open and free to join group. Basically there is no significant purpose like shopping, gaming, RPing, or even gambling, the fun is up to you! I spent a few good minutes checking this sim out and it's very beautiful.

In the description of the landmark it basically telling you to enjoy your time here and enjoy the majestic views, experience cliff diving, and to even find some of the hidden spots in the sim to enjoy some time with your friends and loved ones. I feel personally like any sort of nature is a fun and or romantic getaway to travel around. While I am not a big fan of nature in our real world because of the bugs and ants, I can appreciate the other aspects. Here though you don't have to worry about ants or bugs biting your poor avatar and that you can just listen to the wildlife while you take a nice dip. 

I hightly suggest you visit this landmark if you want to hang out in a peaceful environment with your friends or a lover, or even explore on your own! The first place as you can see is you are on a dock surrounded by mountains and or hills and a lovely waterfall. The best part of coming in is that you can swim across the lake or tube it to get to the start of a lovely day. 

Oyster Bay (30, 124, 25)


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