Friday, January 15, 2016

Jay's Club

By Wesley Regenbogen

The idea behind Jay's Club is a very extraordinary one.
JayMaze Yao’s real life son died 10 years ago. His son was a real life DJ and he loved music. It was his life. About a year later, 9 years ago, he created his avatar in Second Life, in memoriam of his son. His son's DJ name was DJ JayMaze. So JayMaze Yao decided to put it as his first name in Second Life.
He made the venue like a tribute to his real life son whom died in real life. Even the photos in the club are from his son. A noble cause, don’t you think?
Jay’s venue consists of a club, ballroom and live stage. JayMaze Yao was the creator of most of the venue, and he decorated the place by himself. Jay’s Romance ( the ballroom area ) was built by Dorothea L. It was created a few months ago in November 2015.The venue plays different genres of music, with different clubs having different styles. Jay's Club offers rock / blues / oldies / and today's music. Jay's Romance has Jazz and Ballroom music, and formal attire is requested here. Jay's Mainstage offers music of all genres.  Sometimes live artists will come and play at one of the clubs.
The venue's staff communicate to their visitors through group notices, the events page in SL, and in the schedule. And you can find also find more information in JayMaze Yao’s profile.
Personally, I like this club. It is a nice tribute to JayMaze Yao’s son. JayMaze Yao did a very nice job in creating this tribute for him!
So, if you want to join the fun, head over to this location in Second Life :
Wesley Regenbogen


  1. Pity Jay turned out to be Omen, Cerdian, Yilla and Saiwala too, he seemed a decent character but time and the truth caught up with him in the end

  2. Er hat Menschen getäuscht!

  3. He got his just reward in rl