Friday, January 8, 2016

Eiffelicious at LEA 7

By Gemma Cleanslate

LEA7 was my choice of a New Year’s Eve party on a spur of the moment. I received an invite at the last few minutes of my time in Second Life, so off I went. I missed getting over to explore the region sooner as I was off exploring winter sports and shopping sims for the paper and working at the Relay Christmas Expo. The sim was packed with people dancing on snowflakes while smaller flakes swirled around our heads. We were at the base of the Eiffel Tower that stretched high into the air above us. The builder of the sim, Regi Yifu, put up the tower rather quickly I am told. “The tower is 244 meters high nestled inside a 300 meter tall snow globe with beautiful fountains and winter vegetation ty18 told me. I determined to go back to check it out after the party.

There are several levels to visit along the way to the very top. Each gives one a chance to examine the build of the tower itself and get a good look at the reflections of the tower in the interior wall of the globe. It is easy to get around on the space capsule teleport that offers a choice of places to visit. Then there is the gallery. Here I put my graphics all the way up to ultra as suggested. It was a delight. There is rotating art all over the interior walls of the gallery. There is a poster to touch and you will receive a folder of items to help you enhance the experience, a personal projector and information about the Photo Contest that is going on. 
All around the lower part of the gallery there are arrows in front of the wall. Go to the arrow and the submissions of photos of the tower will appear in front of you. Try the recommended windlight and wear the offerings for the best experience. It is well worth it. 
 The tower itself is an amazing build. It is astounding to me how precise the girders look all together and rise so beautifully. Turn on the music too to enjoy the especially selected stream. It all works together. It is all very Eiffelicious as the name indicates. The sim will be open through February so put it on your list.

Gemma Cleanslate

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