Wednesday, June 7, 2017

HealthInfo Island

By Gemma Cleanslate

Right next to Virtual Ability region there is a region called Healthinfo Island. I was asking Gentle Heron for information for two friends and she sent me there to search for a support group I was trying to find . “The mission of Healthinfo Island is to provide timely, accurate, and accessible information on topics of physical, emotional, and mental health.  This is done through interactive displays, links to outside resources, group events, and personalized assistance. The Consumer Health Library at HealthInfo Island is here to help SL residents with health information needs.” The region is supported and maintained by Virtual Ability. 

I was amazed at the wealth of information I found. There seem to be inworld support groups for almost anything you or a friend need! There is a Path of Support that displays a myriad of signs with information about the groups. I was able to locate three groups that seemed to fit and brought my friends there to see.
All around the island  there are Health Exhibits that offer a multitude of knowledge about various illnesses, and some slide shows. Each poster contains a notecard with information in most of the exhibits.

There is a delightful herb garden with each herb named on a placard. Next to it  a beehive with a warning about the loss of bees going on now.There are some programs that take place either at the Herb Garden, The Farmer’s Market near the garden.

The Research Pavilion is filled with Studies from all over the world on many diseases and all available right here in second life. It is a treasure trove of information . Gentle told me, Researchers”   describe their upcoming research at the Research Pavilion, and recruit there, and come back and tell us the results."

Another treasure is the Consumer Health Library. Here you can find urls to lists of resources on the internet.

One room is named Daisy’s Reading Room. I went in. I learned the room is named Daisyblue Hefferman .”Daisyblue Hefferman dedicated her time in Second Life to helping those in need. Daisy spent countless hours providing medical knowledge as Consumer Health Librarian on Healthinfo Island.” It is a lovely place to sit and read or work as I did on this article. Gentle told me she loves this place to sit and read also. 

I would recommend anyone with any kind of illness, or a caretaker, or have friends with issues to take a long walk through the region to see what is there that can be helpful.

Gemma Cleanslate  

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