Monday, June 19, 2017

Journey Across the SL14B on Day One

By Gemma Cleanslate

Sunday was a good day in the sl14b regions. It was very crowded at the stages, and at the builds. So lag was present. I took a couple of pod rides just to read the description of the build and hopped off at a couple places to look more closely at them.

I stopped by the Cake Stage to see the party going on . There were some interesting avatars enjoying the dj. Mikati Slade , the builder of the stage, was there checking out the party also.

I spent some time in two parcels that were very meaningful to me. The first was a memorial to Ladyslipper Constantine.


 LS as she is known passed away last year in September and is fondly remembered by all who knew her. She was also active in the Virtual Ability Group, Burn2, White Tiger Mentors, and so much more. The Drum, “ DRUM's goal is to bring the world to you via the power of drumming” was her love as she was profoundly deaf. Her unselfish help to so many in sl is well known. She served as a volunteer in many roles at the previous slbs and they are recalled here in the peaceful corner.

The memorial is a build of Darkstone Aeon and BB Woodford. It is lovely and reminds us so of Lady. Pictures of her real life and Second Life and all her SL Birthday badges surround a sweet little pool.  It is a restful pause in the clamor of the event. She was a good friend and I still miss her.

But, over in Astound I found another beautiful tribute area to Lady. This one by Dream Wrexan and Darrk Gothly as co-builders..

Here you can see the memorial service that was held at Virtual Ability and pictures of Lady in her different roles.  

 It is lovely and shows how much Lady is missed. Her favorite flower and the reason for her name rises from a fountain. It is so fitting. Play the drums for her  if you visit.

 There is another memorial in Spellbound. I spent some time there too remembering my first years in Second Life when I was determined to learn how to do something with a prim. This parcel is dedicated to the creator of the Ivory Tower. Lumiere Noir who passed away in 2015 gave the Ivory Tower to Second Life to help all newcomers understand the power of the prim.

 Here Kennylex Luckless has built a history of the Ivory Tower and a history of Lumiere. There is a quote from Lumiere that embodies his work,” I seem to be hardwired to teach and explain. When I learn something or figure out a thing my first and most natural response is to try to pass it on to others.”  

Wander through and learn about someone who is also missed in second life for his generosity of spirit and kindness to all. The Ivory Tower is still in sl and if you have never  been there pick up a landmark at the door and go visit. Here is the landing point for the memorial.

Gemma Cleanslate 

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