Monday, August 25, 2014

Aloha Beach

By Wesley Regenbogen

 Every once in a while we all have the need to go to a place to relax in Second Life. Although there are many places to relax around Second Life, some of those get crowded to often, because many avatars find their way to that place. The only solution : finding another place. That’s not too difficult, but if you want to relax and like a beach, check out Aloha Beach.
Aloha Beach is a tropical beach where you can relax and sit down and just enjoy the view of the beach and the waves coming towards you. There is also a place where you can play basketball, although that didn’t seem to work for me, and you can also dance to the music. There are many chairs that you can sit on, so choose one and right-click it and choose “Sit here” and there will be a pop-up message that asks you which sitting pose you want to take on the chair.
 You can even take an ice cream at the ice cream stand. You then get an object named “ 1 scoop” v1 or v2 or v3, depending on which one you choose. You then need to go to your inventory and look into the “Objects” folder and search for the name of the object mentioned above. You can then choose to “wear” it and then you will see that you are holding an ice cream in your hand. So, then you can relax sitting on a chair with an ice cream. Virtual life can be simple and easy, don’t you agree?
The place is owned by Ikapono Catnap. It was claimed by him on the 23rd of June,2013. But since he only understands Japanese, I wasn’t able to ask him any questions about the place. I don’t speak Japanese.
The music in the background really makes you want to relax and enjoy it and the environment itself. There are a few shops around, but I didn’t buy anything. There’s a bird sitting on a stick and when you right-click it and choose “Touch” the bird takes off and flies around for a round and then it returns to his stick. The waves in the water are really amazing to watch, they are so beautiful you can watch it for hours. Even the water itself is amazingly beautiful too.
So, if you like beaches in Second Life, this is the place to be.
Relax and enjoy the environment and the music, and maybe one day we can meet up there.
You can find this place at :

Wesley Regenbogen

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